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I've got nothing to blog about, but a few short things that are not related to oneanother. When I blogged/reviewed Douce Victime by Laïs a couple of weeks ago, I said it was nice but not excellent. I'll have to take that back after listening to it very much the past week(s) : the album really grew on me and I LOVE it now! It also can turn a bad mood into a good one, and I happily sing along and quite out of tune as well, but who cares. I'm having fun and am enjoying myself, that's what counts.

Today at work I got a call and without knowing who it was I answered the phone by saying "Hello, Pukkie speaking". It turned out to be my supervisor and after him saying just one thing I put the horn down, ending the call. I called him back and we all had a good laugh because I outsmarted him, which he didn't see coming. Work was slow in the AM but really picked up in the afternoon...

Wednesday I'll be working an extra shift (8.5 hours) which is both good and bad. Bad because it means one less day off and good because it results in more money next month. And as I've got a returning cost for the car mortgage kicking in this month, I can use it.

Just a short reflection : being good doesn't get you anything right away. Being an asshole and direct gets you instant gratification. I should be less of the first and more of the latter.

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