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I've got a nice kettle of spaghetti on, and the sauce is heating as well. I made loads of it, probably enough to feed a whole platoon, but I've thrown about two thirds of it in the freezer for it to be frozen. That way I can grab a portion whenever I feel like having a yummy meal.

I've got one post ready to publish, but that'll have to wait till I'm on the desktop - which is now suffering from a failing mainboard fan, so I'll have to look into replacing that fan soon - because I don't have all the FTP details I need on the laptop.

In other news, new options have been added to, to make your life easier and make this site easier to be found and indexed. You can add FK to your google toolbar and a sitemap (xml) is now available for all the sexy search engines out there. There was a small problem when I just added the new "Add to Google Toolbar" functionality, but that is now solved. I've tested with IE 6.0.2900.something with googlebar version 4.0.513.blahblah and everything works fine. If you run into problems, give me a yell.

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