Eat your heart out, emo blog!


I'm glad this session of nightshifts is over, I really didn't get along with work this week. I was hoping for a nice and quiet shift last night, but it turned out quite different. At least time flew and before I knew it, it was time to pack up and pass the stick to someone else. Off to bed for a few hours, to get back into a more normal sleeping schedule.

Oh yes, today is "touchy feely love everybody is happy" day. Well, allow me to tell you that if you're not "touchy feely lovey happy" it either sucks or it's just another regular day. I don't know yet what I'll decide upon this year. I recall I got into a flame war with some blogger chick last year, but I don't even doubt that I can top that if I feel like it.


Getting into blog flame wars is what its all about. Take out your aggression on a random stranger! :)

where is my fried kitten?!!!!!1111

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