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While driving home - or maybe "traffic jamming home" would be a more accurate description - I had a wonderful rainbow in front of me. Very nice and it lifted my spirits even though they were not down. Funny how the little things can sometimes make life seem so much better, isn't it?

Another thing that always makes me happy is when I notice some windmills silently generating power on the waves of wind, and I always tell myself that it's going to be a good day or night depending on the time I see them. On the other hand, I make sure not to be pulled down when they're not spinning away. I believe it is a very good quality to be able to extract the best out of simple things and throw away the things that stand in the way.

For those of you wondering about the cryptic title, wonder no more. It's the reference to a letter I received today concerning that second spam complaint I filed last year. The letter is an acknowledgement of acceptance which also means my complaint has jumped through the first few hoops of the investigation and will be looked deeper into now. I can imagine them receiving thousands of complaints a year, and the majority of them probably being bogus or impossible to investigate or convict upon. That's why I carefully select which cases to report after having done quite some research myself. If I request for a case to be opened, I want it to be successful and to send a signal that cannot be ignored.

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