Cutting off the legs of a disabled woman

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I just finished watching a very interesting documentary about spiders, narrated by David Attenborough and titled "The Silk Spinners", part of the "Life in the Undergrowth" series made in 2005. I was totally fascinated I must admit and I think even people that have a serious dislike for these extraordinary animals would find it interesting.

Yesterday we had a meeting with all the people living in our apartment block and one of the things on the agenda was the fact that a couple renting on the first floor has been stationing an electric wheelchair in the hallway. Apparently they had asked the owners of the apartments on the ground level, but no one else was informed or asked if they minded. They also contacted the person appointed by all the owners, and he replied that he'd put in on the agenda on the yearly meeting, which was yesterday. On the one hand the couple claim the wheelchair is a necessity for her mobility, yet hardly any of the neighbors recall it being used more than once or twice a month. I for instance only noticed them using the chair twice last year, most of the time they walk to the car and leave.

Yesterday I also found out that some of the other neighbors have been having quite some problems with the couple, and they claim the man is quite disrespectful and rude. I for one cannot confirm this as the few times I've run into them, they were friendly and so was I. Needless to say, the bad blood between various parties involved did have an effect onto the vote whether or not the electric wheelchair could or could not remain stationed in the hallway. After votes were cast, I believe 5 people voted against, 1 in favor (the father/owner of the apartment the couple lives in) and 3 abstained.

I was one of the people that voted against, because while I do support mobility for disabled people, I also believe a better solution can and should be looked for. As far as I see it, the chair has been sitting there for a year, is hardly used and was stationed there without consulting everyone involved. Due to the decision of the owners, the couple has 2 months now to find a solution which I do find quite reasonable.

When I came into the hallway today, someone had taped a paper to the chair reading "these are my legs!", so I can only assume the couple did. I find it quite distasteful to see them try and weigh on our consience by playing the "poor disabled" game. Yesterday a decision was made, and they'll have to respect it or fight it using legal means. If they had asked everyone in advance, or slipped a note in the mailboxes explaining, it probably wouldn't have gotten to this. Now, no matter what argument they bring up, people will object.

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