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Yes, believe it or not, this is entry number 2500! In the 66 months since friedkitten.com first saw the light (august 2001), I've written about all kinds of things, and 2490 comments have been left on this blog, which is impressive I think. Now, onward with things!

I just got a mail that some of the resources I've donated to fight spam were involved in catching a yet unknown spammer. Little things like that keep me going, thinking not everything is lost just yet.

Today I found a second letter of the IRS in my mailbox, this time referring to last year's taxes. I did write before that I got one referring to 2003/2004 - something that I found a bit strange - but now it starts making sense. And the good news is that I'm getting back quite a nice sum. It seems all the effort that went into filing them and all the calculations and extra deposits for life insurance, pensionfund and things like that pay off too. I just wonder if I can optimize even more this year? That's something I'll have to look into next time I've got a few days off, or I'll have to ask a professional to take a look at it. Anyway, the tax return ain't deposited into my account til the end of April, so I've got plenty of time to decide what to do with it. A few of the options are :

1. Save it (the wise thing to do)
2. Investing it in stock/bonds (ethical and environmentally friendly, of course)
3. Investing it in my apartment (positive, but I need to look into it very well beforehand)
4. Invest it in real estate (something I've been thinking about for a while now)
5. Pay back my current loan for the car (smart, but also kind of futile)
6. Cut back on the mortgage of the apartment (something I've considered before as well)
7. Spend it all on myself [cruise, holiday, something silly, ...] (not the smartest thing to do)
8. Combine options 1, 2 and 7 or something like that.

The hunt is on


I've been noticing some strange behaviour on my laptop lately, and when it happened again today, I decided to look into it. I'm working normally, and suddenly a small pop-up tells me my virusscanner is trying to access a certain IP adress using POP3, even though I'm not - as far as I'm aware - running any application that would need POP3 access at the time.

I quickly opened a command prompt and a netstat session did indeed confirm an attempt to reach an ip address linked to bethere.co.uk, which makes NO sense at all. I'm not in the UK, I'm not using a UK provider and no one I know is either. It only happens on the latptop, so my first idea was that someone is messing with my wireless link to the desktop machine. However, I've set up my link using WPA2 with a completely random and strong key, so that shouldn't be possible.

I could suspect tor, but there is no real reason to do so, apart from the fact that when this happened earlier, it stopped after I removed the application. However, when I check tor and the bandwidth it uses, there is no activity at all, which sounds right as it is not in use all the time. I only fire up tor and the proxies when I need some additional privacy, and the speed with which data arrives is less important. Is someone trying to use my installed tor client to send out mail? That again should be impossible since I have it configured as a client, not a server, and by default it doesn't allow POP3. My idea is that it ain't caused by tor.

I quickly ran my antivirus, spyware and adware tools to see if anything got past my defenses, but nothing has shown up so far. The firewall is up, the virusscanner is up to date, yet something tries to create a POP3 connection to a UK based host. Go figure.

Update : I have now finetuned my netstat capture to not only list the open connections and their state, but also which binary is responsable for creating them, sorted by protocol. This should be enough to find out more about the perpetrator. My e-mail scanner log files it under AutoPOP3, which really doesn't ring a bell. To be sure I've upped my default log information from medium to high, so I hope to get some more info.

If anyone happens to know where this mysterious POP3 connection to bethere.co.uk originates from, I'd be happy to find out. The IP address it tries to connect to is and the brand and model of the laptop is an Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo L7300. I must say that I've found similar questions from people online wondering why their AVG Mailscanner suddenly feels like connecting to foreign servers. To be continued, no doubt.

Note : I'm not running eMule, eDonkey, or any other filesharing programs, nor are they installed on my machine(s).

Update : Guess what. The PID of the offending program is 1264 in my case. I check the running processes and shows up? Tor. Crap. Off to read up and possibly talk to the developers of it. Solved : thanks to some volunteers in the #tor IRC channel (irc.oftc.net) the mystery was solved. Tor keeps some connections open and is the address of a dir server, which runs on port 110, thus is captured by my mailscanner. Whether I find it "wise" to run a dirserver on a port specified for mail remains to be seen, but the mystery is solved. Off to throw something in the donation bin for tor now...


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Next thing you know, people coming whining that their internet access at work has been revoked, limited or is monitored. However, I like the idea : officepirates.com - I hope they figure out the flash movie streaming though, because several of the movies online (served by vitalstream) were very slow to load and broke up constantly. It could be a local issue here (which I doubt as all other stream work fine) or a temporary overload on the systems, but it makes it a less than enjoyable experience than it could be.

Spring cleaning

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I just finished cleaning out my fridge : took everything in it out, took it completely apart and washed all the layers and inside with a mild soap. It's sparkling clean now, and as I was putting food back in, I checked dates on tins, bottles, packages and threw out just 3 things. Not too bad if you ask me!

Next week I may clean out some of the kitchen cupboards, slowly progressing through the apartment.

Familiy Fun Factory

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Yesterday we had loads of fun playing games with a bunch of people. "El Grande" was somehow similar to "Risk" with a very confusing and complicated set of rules, but fun nonetheless. "Blokus" was fun as always, but I think we all had the most fun when playing "Buzz!" on PS2.

It's a music quizz where everyone plays against everyone, pressing buzzers as quickly as possible, answering questions, passing the bomb and stealing points from the competition. I'm not sure how long it stays interesting, but when playing with an alternating group of people (boys against boys, girls against girls, girls against boys, old against young,...) it guarantees a couple of hours of hilarious fun, that's for sure.

Mark and Jess had prepared the best food ever, and we all loved it!

Tagged by Vixen : the perfect lover

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The rules: The tagged victim lists 8 different points of their perfect lover/partner, mentioning the gender of said partner.

Tag 8 victims to join this game & leave a comment on a post letting them know they’ve been tagged. If tagged before, no need to contribute.

My perfect lover :

1. She accepts me as I am
2. She has a sense of humor compatible to mine
3. She Loves animals (more than people, except me)
4. Doesn't smoke, doesn't use drugs
5. She's intelligent and knows how to behave in company
6. Is generally openminded
7. Has a captivating smile and eyes to drown in - oh, and small boobs ;)
8. She can be a total slut, but only when appropriate

My tags are : smeg, Heather and Cy. I'll tag 5 other people in a closed community...

Excellent movie evening

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First Eyes wide Shut with the sexy Nicole Kidman, then American History X, with the sexy Edward Norton. It's been a long while since movies this good were shown on TV.

One too many

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Do you know that feeling, where you had one beer too much, one more pancake than you could handle, or made love one time too many that night? I'm not sure the latter exists, but the rest you probably are familiar with. Well, yesterday at work was my one too many shift. It had been rather busy in the afternoon and the second operator was not really up to speed, which means most of the tasks were handled by me. Nothing special, but maybe a sort of warning of things to come.

I knew there would be a drill and I was prepared, and as far as I know, things went smoothly. However, as these drills put extra pressure and tasks on our already overloaded plate, things got hectic and didn't cool down. While I was organizing tasks and people to get everything done, setting priorities, coordinating things and at the same time still writing a report about the drill that had ended less than an hour ago, the emergency phone line rang.

I dropped everything, picked it up, and wrote down all the details I was given. I started the emergency procedures required for this type of situation and while doing so my judgement was off and I made a mistake. All things considered, my mistake wasn't dangerous or critical, but there is no need to shoot a canon when hunting for mice. However due to that bad judgement call, I was flooded with calls, requests for information and I had a very hard time getting a grip on the situation.

When I finally completed my report on the drill and emergency situation - including the mistake I made - and I was about to send it out to some people, I kind of cracked and realized that sending out the report as such wouldn't be a good idea. I picked up the phone and called the assistant site supervisor to consult him, even though he was not on call or standby. After explaining the situation to him, we decided that I'd send my report to him, and he'd take a look at it before sending it to the customer. Not because what I wrote was incorrect, but maybe not as politely or professional as it could/should have been.

That's what happens when pushing people to and over the edge. If you want a professional team that can deal with everything thrown at them, no matter the situation or the time, you can't keep on cutting back on people and tools, while the demands rise week after week. Is that due to the policy of our customer, or due to the policy of my employer? My idea is that it is both.

Keeping busy

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It was a busy day at work, loads of things going on and constant organizing and reorganizing to close gaps, but in the end I believe we managed things quite well. Tomorrow will be more of the same, yet different. I'll be glad when the clock strikes ten tomorrow evening, as that'll mean no less than 4 whole days off.

I just finished having a nice fish meal, consisting of some salmon and a tuna steak. Now I'm gonna watch NYPD Blue before I head off to bed.

Earlier today I received a letter from the IRS, which I was kind of expecting, however the information it contained was not exactly what I expected. When I filed my taxes last year, I knew I would get back a nice amount of cash this year. Now it seems they've recalculated my income for the year 2003 as well, and until I get a letter about my income over 2004 and the taxes on that, I have no clue how it'll all pan out. So far things are looking good, but I sure hope it adds up to what I guestimated last year.

Security, privacy and tools : updates

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The following tools and programs that may help you stay anonymous and/or safeguard your privacy were recently updated :

tor (version (stable))
GnuPG (version (stable))
GPGShell (version 3.5)
JAP (version 00.05.022)

And, worth mentioning is a new cli version of n_map for windows : n_map (version 4.01)

Notice : As I was writing out this post and hit "preview" I received an 412 Precondition Failed error on my cgi script. A quick google for the error told me that it was most likely caused by a set of rules put in place by my host. I tinkered a bit with the entry, and soon found out that n_map triggered the rule, but after opening a helpdesk ticket, that was quickly taken care of.

I must admit that I was very wrong by posting my previous entry. HM does not censor their clients and they'll never will. I should really have given them the credit they've earned over the years, which I didn't in my hasty reply. Let it be clear that Hostingmatters totally rocks.

I'm ashamed of myself. Sorry, HM crew :(

Directions, anyone?

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Today was a bit of a slow day at work, which wasn't bad. I've got 4 more days to go, of which 3 are with another team. I don't have problems working in (or with) another team, but it's just not the same, you know?

I just got a mail from my sister that she and her boyfriend joined Hattrick, lol. More teams to play against, I'm looking forward to it! That concludes today's update, which I'm only posting because I'm waiting for the download of the new Thunderbird version (1.5) to complete (55% now), but the server seems a bit sluggish.

Lately I've been wondering about things and some people have said to me : "it's not the destination, but the journey", and I can agree to a certain extend. However, without a goal, is there a journey? Running around in circles, moving forward and back at the same time, that's not a journey. It's called wandering hopelessly.

2 good reasons

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I've got something terribly important to tell you all. Important if you are into building nesting cages for birds that is. There are undoubtedly several good reasons why people do this type of activity out in the garage or in a shed of some sort, and not in their apartment on the dining room table. So far I can give you two good reasons :

- Less chance of cutting into your dining room table
- No need to clean up an apartment with saw dust all over it

More reasons as I proceed, but now I have to go get ready because I don't remember when I'm expected at Joco and Eef's place. Was it between 16h00 and 16h30, or 17h00 and 17h30? Solution : call guess ;)

Update 00:29 : Went to see Munich, can recommend it. Can also recommend taking a beautiful lady like Eef to the movies. Everyone must have been jealous. Had to hand her back to Joco later though ;(

What's cooking?


Right now, nothing. Later this evening, I'll either make Chicken Siam, orJapanese Teryaki. Both dishes will be based on the Knorr Wereldgerechten packs, and if I change my mind, I could go for the Beef Chimichurri I wrote about a while ago. Point of trivia : did you know that if you search google for "Knorr Beef Chimichurri", this blog ranks in the top 10 of returned results? I ought to send Knorr my bill for promoting their products ;)

Plans for tonight include eating, replying to some mails (I didn't forget!) and watching episode 6 to 9 of season 1 of "the L word". Will be fun.

Tomorrow I'm heading over to Joco and Eef's place for food and talks, to play with the kiddo's and later on I'm taking Eef out for a evening of fun, drinks and a movie.

Piss poor weather

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There really ain't another way to describe today's weather conditions. A strong wind that seems to strike from all directions at once, combined with rain, make it less than enjoyable to be outside. Which is why I am inside, grin.

If the weather is similar for you, go do something interesting or neccessary. You could leave some comments here, or you could go and visit windowsupdate to install the latest security patches for your windows box, you could take a look at my wishlist and suprise me with an interesting book, or a lovely DVD box. See, there are tons of things one can do while remaining inside!

Update : I decided to make a nice scrambled egg with some cheese and "herbes de provence".

Eat your heart out, emo blog!


I'm glad this session of nightshifts is over, I really didn't get along with work this week. I was hoping for a nice and quiet shift last night, but it turned out quite different. At least time flew and before I knew it, it was time to pack up and pass the stick to someone else. Off to bed for a few hours, to get back into a more normal sleeping schedule.

Oh yes, today is "touchy feely love everybody is happy" day. Well, allow me to tell you that if you're not "touchy feely lovey happy" it either sucks or it's just another regular day. I don't know yet what I'll decide upon this year. I recall I got into a flame war with some blogger chick last year, but I don't even doubt that I can top that if I feel like it.

White stuff

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It started snowing here, and the streets are getting covered with white stuff. I just got up about an hour and a half ago, watched the final 30 minutes of my hattrick match (which I won 6-0) and then went out to get some bread. When I got back home, the snow steadily kept falling down so I decided to be the good neighbor so I grabbed the bag of salt and spread it out over the driveway and path leading to the building. I hope the roads will be drivable tonight, but to be sure I'll leave early.

Bringing the tag line to life

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I snagged this from Vixen, who yanked it from Geekalicious who stole it from The Bastard Son who snitched it from Prairie Girl who jacked it from Cyber Queen who ripped it off from Horsnround.

I added some extra lines, because I felt those were missing...

***Copy this entire list into your blog. Mark everything about you that is true. Leave plain anything that is false about you.

I have had sex while wearing a blindfold.
* I have blindfolded someone else during sex. *
I have had sex while watching porn.
I have had sex while surfing porn on the Internet.
* I sleep better after sex. *
* There are some nights I cannot sleep without sex or masturbating. *
* The bed is NOT my most favorite place to have sex. *
* I am turned on knowing someone is watching me masturbate. *
I have masturbated for someone over a web cam.
I have had sex over a web cam. (strange but true, ain't it?)
* I will have sex with someone I just met if they turn me on. * (if it "clicks" that is)
* I have been tied up during sex. *
* I have had sex with someone who was tied up. *
I have dripped wax onto a lover's body.
I have had a lover drip wax onto my body.
I have a foot fetish.
I have a leather fetish.
I have a tickle fetish.
I like being choked during sex.
I have had sex in a burning building.
* I have erotic art on display somewhere in my residence. * (multiple pieces in fact)
* I enjoy nudie magazines. *
Erotic toys are a regular part of my budget.
* I think PLAYBOY is tame, maybe even boring. *
* I have clicked on porn links in my email. *
Much of what I know about sex comes from porn.
* Interracial sex turns me on. * (all sex turns me on, lol)
* I think we should do more to understand the cultures of sex. *
* I would participate in sex research given the opportunity. *
* My current lover does not sufficiently meet my sexual needs. * (single, you know)
I currently have a "crush" on someone of the same sex.
I have had sex at my place of employment.
* I am often disappointed in my sexual relationships. * (single again)
Some people might describe me as a nymphomaniac.
* I am difficult to live with if I'm not having sex on a regular basis. *
I sleep better with someone snuggled up next to me.
I have had sex under water.
I have had sex in the snow.
I am in a polyamorous relationship.
I have to have music playing while having sex.
I have had more than ten orgasms in one night. (I think I once had 4...)
I have flashed strangers.
* I have had sex in public places. *
I have given sex as a gift.
I have received sex as a gift.
I have set-up a three-way for my lover.
* I have used food in sex play. *
I stopped during this list to have sex. (if only...)

I just finished watching a very interesting documentary about spiders, narrated by David Attenborough and titled "The Silk Spinners", part of the "Life in the Undergrowth" series made in 2005. I was totally fascinated I must admit and I think even people that have a serious dislike for these extraordinary animals would find it interesting.

Yesterday we had a meeting with all the people living in our apartment block and one of the things on the agenda was the fact that a couple renting on the first floor has been stationing an electric wheelchair in the hallway. Apparently they had asked the owners of the apartments on the ground level, but no one else was informed or asked if they minded. They also contacted the person appointed by all the owners, and he replied that he'd put in on the agenda on the yearly meeting, which was yesterday. On the one hand the couple claim the wheelchair is a necessity for her mobility, yet hardly any of the neighbors recall it being used more than once or twice a month. I for instance only noticed them using the chair twice last year, most of the time they walk to the car and leave.

Yesterday I also found out that some of the other neighbors have been having quite some problems with the couple, and they claim the man is quite disrespectful and rude. I for one cannot confirm this as the few times I've run into them, they were friendly and so was I. Needless to say, the bad blood between various parties involved did have an effect onto the vote whether or not the electric wheelchair could or could not remain stationed in the hallway. After votes were cast, I believe 5 people voted against, 1 in favor (the father/owner of the apartment the couple lives in) and 3 abstained.

I was one of the people that voted against, because while I do support mobility for disabled people, I also believe a better solution can and should be looked for. As far as I see it, the chair has been sitting there for a year, is hardly used and was stationed there without consulting everyone involved. Due to the decision of the owners, the couple has 2 months now to find a solution which I do find quite reasonable.

When I came into the hallway today, someone had taped a paper to the chair reading "these are my legs!", so I can only assume the couple did. I find it quite distasteful to see them try and weigh on our consience by playing the "poor disabled" game. Yesterday a decision was made, and they'll have to respect it or fight it using legal means. If they had asked everyone in advance, or slipped a note in the mailboxes explaining, it probably wouldn't have gotten to this. Now, no matter what argument they bring up, people will object.

E7/DI/2005/5422 - D.5518

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While driving home - or maybe "traffic jamming home" would be a more accurate description - I had a wonderful rainbow in front of me. Very nice and it lifted my spirits even though they were not down. Funny how the little things can sometimes make life seem so much better, isn't it?

Another thing that always makes me happy is when I notice some windmills silently generating power on the waves of wind, and I always tell myself that it's going to be a good day or night depending on the time I see them. On the other hand, I make sure not to be pulled down when they're not spinning away. I believe it is a very good quality to be able to extract the best out of simple things and throw away the things that stand in the way.

For those of you wondering about the cryptic title, wonder no more. It's the reference to a letter I received today concerning that second spam complaint I filed last year. The letter is an acknowledgement of acceptance which also means my complaint has jumped through the first few hoops of the investigation and will be looked deeper into now. I can imagine them receiving thousands of complaints a year, and the majority of them probably being bogus or impossible to investigate or convict upon. That's why I carefully select which cases to report after having done quite some research myself. If I request for a case to be opened, I want it to be successful and to send a signal that cannot be ignored.


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I just got home from a long day at work, followed by a serious traffic jam and now I'm sitting in my comfy sofa, blogging while eating some coconut. I promised someone that I'd pop in, so I better not get too comfortable in this sofa of mine. I should get food for tonight as well, and something for tomorrow during the day, and tomorrow evening there's a meeting I have to go to.

My feet hurt like crazy - ain't it weird that when you actually "feel" a certain part of your body, something is wrong? - and I'd rather sit and watch the second DVD of the "L-Word", or finish the last DVD of Allo Allo, but in a few I'm off again. I seem to be busy all the time, yet accomplish nothing. I wonder what would happen if I actually had a girlfriend who'd want some time and attention as well? Luckily, there is no chance of that happening anytime soon ;)

Oh, how I love thee, sarcasm...

Ride the bullet

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I'm only up for less than an hour and so far my day sucks marjorly, and work today will only add to that. As long as there's more ups than downs in a week though, I'll survive.

Just some words

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I've got nothing to blog about, but a few short things that are not related to oneanother. When I blogged/reviewed Douce Victime by Laïs a couple of weeks ago, I said it was nice but not excellent. I'll have to take that back after listening to it very much the past week(s) : the album really grew on me and I LOVE it now! It also can turn a bad mood into a good one, and I happily sing along and quite out of tune as well, but who cares. I'm having fun and am enjoying myself, that's what counts.

Today at work I got a call and without knowing who it was I answered the phone by saying "Hello, Pukkie speaking". It turned out to be my supervisor and after him saying just one thing I put the horn down, ending the call. I called him back and we all had a good laugh because I outsmarted him, which he didn't see coming. Work was slow in the AM but really picked up in the afternoon...

Wednesday I'll be working an extra shift (8.5 hours) which is both good and bad. Bad because it means one less day off and good because it results in more money next month. And as I've got a returning cost for the car mortgage kicking in this month, I can use it.

Just a short reflection : being good doesn't get you anything right away. Being an asshole and direct gets you instant gratification. I should be less of the first and more of the latter.

The curse of Domesticated Coconuts

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a cheapass B-movie...

Plot : none
Script : do we really need one?
Cast : loads of sparsely dressed girls
Props : blood, blood, blood and coconuts
Budget : €5.000

Food, yummy!

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I've got a nice kettle of spaghetti on, and the sauce is heating as well. I made loads of it, probably enough to feed a whole platoon, but I've thrown about two thirds of it in the freezer for it to be frozen. That way I can grab a portion whenever I feel like having a yummy meal.

I've got one post ready to publish, but that'll have to wait till I'm on the desktop - which is now suffering from a failing mainboard fan, so I'll have to look into replacing that fan soon - because I don't have all the FTP details I need on the laptop.

In other news, new options have been added to friedkitten.com, to make your life easier and make this site easier to be found and indexed. You can add FK to your google toolbar and a sitemap (xml) is now available for all the sexy search engines out there. There was a small problem when I just added the new "Add to Google Toolbar" functionality, but that is now solved. I've tested with IE 6.0.2900.something with googlebar version 4.0.513.blahblah and everything works fine. If you run into problems, give me a yell.

Editors of newspapers are being fired because they published cartoons and pictures mocking religious leaders. I find this quite disturbing, and with "this" I mean the fact that they're fired, not the fact that the images are being published. I believe everyone has a right to think and express their opinion, and as such those opposed to seeing these images published also have a right to protest. However, being opposed to something doesn't give you the right to threaten anyone.

This time the cartoons are about the islam, but in the past pictures of the pope have been published, and if tomorrow another religion or person is "cartoonized" there are two ways to go about it : laugh with it and show that you're beyond being insulted by a stupid cartoon, or go bezerk and try forcing your opinion onto others. Guess which is the smart thing to do? Guess how you can show the world you are mature and able to accept criticism or humor.

And the strangest thing about this riot is that the first pictures were published in september last year, and only now people are going all postal over it. The more someone opposes something, the less others may be tempted to comply with the opinions in question.

Strike one

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Last year I filed a complaint against Budget Partners NV (a belgian company) for spamming (see Customs=Criminals). Today I received the outcome of my complaint and it's strike 1 for me. Allow me to copy/paste the text (in dutch) :

Betreft : uw klacht lastens de nv Budgetpartners, Bergensesteenweg 1149 b2 te 1070 Brussel.

Geachte heer,

Ik heb de eer u mede te delen dat, ingevolge uw klacht, door mijn diensten een onderzoek werd ingesteld bij de naamloze vennootschap Budgetpartners.

Het resultaat van dit onderzoek heeft aanleiding gegeven tot het opstellen van een proces-verbaal van waarschuwing ten laste van voormelde onderneming.

De Inspecteur-directeur,
J. Verhasselt.

In short, this means they received an official slap on the wrist, but have not been "convicted" or "fined".

Is this good? Yes! Though I believe that a slap on the wrist will not make a company change its policy, only fines high enough so that any profit from the policy is countered by a financial penalty will do so. All things considered, it is a victory for individuals and their right to privacy as well as a step towards getting rid of spam.


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Yesterday evening I mailed out a remark to my site supervisor and his assistant in regard to new procedures going into effect today. Apparently today this has caused some turbulence as we had to sign off on the new procedure, which I refused for the time being.

Even though I only leave for work in about 30 minutes, I've already received a call from my team leader - whom I keep up to date on everything that affects me or people in our team - as well as from the assistant site supervisor. Let it be clear that the procedure itself is not the problem - I don't like all the details in it, but it is what it is and I'll have to accept it as such - but rather the documents concerning it. I made that clear in my mail and in the conversation, and I think things are resolved now. So, I'll sign their document and everybody is happy again :)

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