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In a couple of minutes I should leave to go pick up Olivier and then we'll head off to the Autosalon. The weather sucks bigtime though, and with my windshieldwipers still not fixed - appointement tomorrow, remember - I'd rather just stay home. Furthermore I forced myself to read and reply to a bunch of mails, while I wasn't really feeling in the mood for it.

Sometimes I'd just like to say "fuck off, world. fuck off, everyone, leave me alone" but ten minutes later I feel better and then it becomes "go away". Which is much more gentle if you ask me. Luckily most of the time I'm still thinking positive and open to suggestions, even if at times I don't seem to care much. Which is probably true at the time.

Ah well, ups and downs - something for everyone.

Now, fuck off, I'm gonne grab something to eat and then I'm out of here.

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