Up, Down, the rollercoaster

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I just got back from some shopping which will allow me to help out my best friend tomorrow and in a few I'm off to work. Yeah, weekends are for working :)

Last night wasn't too good at work. For some reason or another, none of us really got along and there was a bit of tension which is not really suprising considering the amount of pressure and crap we've been forced to deal with lately, but still... I consider us one of the most stable teams on the site. Things probably are better today, and if not we'll have to make sure we talk about what's bothering everyone and clear things up. A team is as good as each member, but when everyone performs their best, a team is more than the sum of the members.

I guess you get the idea, right? After work I'm off to Jess & Mark to give her her birthday present and to show off the new car.

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