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When I came home tonight, Max was in his hammock. When I opened the cage, he didn't even wake and when I reached in to pet him, he hardly reacted. Finally, after petting him for a few minutes and leaving the cage door open, he came out, but was totally letargic and disinterested. He waggled around a bit, laid down, waggled some more. All signs tell me that I'm dealing with a very lost and depressed ferret here. He ate his raisin but quite reluctantly and didn't even touch the ferretone I offered him.

When I picked him up and laid him on my chest - where he usually starts giving me kisses right away - he just laid there, sighed, laid and sighed some more. This is not just looking bad, but really bad. He's very much affected by Bono's death, which could be expected but I hoped it wouldn't. We both may be in for a very rough ride since I predict him stopping eating any time now, which will lead to losing weight and being even more down. I'll have to give him every second of attention I can, so as soon as I finish this post, I'm going to hug and hold him some more before I head off to bed. I'll get up early in the morning to give him attention and before I leave for work.

Update : I quickly made him some energy rich liquid food, but he refused that as well. When I tried forcefeeding it to him - as a last measure - he spit most out again but he had some. Water he accepted and he even drunk a bit from his bottle while laying in my arm. When I placed him back in his cage, he just stood there, and then lowered his head and laid down where I put him. The fact that he drank some water is the only thing even slightly positive to hang on to in this situation. Tomorrow morning I'll see if he feels like eating some more, if not I'll have to force him again.

I do recall that Fritz refused to eat for nearly three weeks when I changed food back in the days, which just shows how stubborn carpetsharks can be.

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