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So much for going to bed, it promises to be a long long night. Anyway, I just got back from a shopping run (food) and I reorganized my garage so I hopefully can station the new car inside instead of out on the street. Apart from it being safer there, it'll also cut back on the times I walk out in the middle of the night and wonder where I parked it before. I tell you, alzheimer is not far away! I got a call from Vanessa giving me some data I needed so once I had it, I called the insurance company and arranged for my insurance to be transferred on wednesday. Tomorrow the car is off for a checkup and in the afternoon she's taking it in to have the windshield replaced. She actually told me they repaired the damage in the windshield today, but she wasn't pleased with the outcome and as she's got a full cover insurance, she demanded a full replacement. Fine by me :)

I finished reading Rescue Ferrets At Sea and I loved it! It brought me to tears on quite some occasions, and I can't wait to start reading Air Ferrets Aloft. That'll have to wait till tomorrow though.

Other things I should do tomorrow (while I still have a "big" car) : take out some trash to the container park (old TV, old chair, bunch of crap, ...)

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