Smart Center Antwerp rocks!

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I must say that I'm rather pleased with the excellent service I got from the people at Smart Center Antwerp. I only recently became a smart driver, the car itself wasn't bought there, and they've never seen me before. Yet I called, made an appointement and when I showed up today, 45 minutes early, someone looked at the problem right away, fixed it and before I was done touring the showroom, he was back and handed me the keys.

When I asked what the problem was exactly, he popped the hood of one of the cars parked in the showroom and explained all about the tube with the connector. When I told him about being able to pour 5 liters of cleaning liquid in the reservoir, he confirmed that it holds 6, and offered to show me on a car that was partially dismantled because it was getting new body panels fitted. I followed him into the work area where he proceeded to point out the large reservoir, how it's fitted and why it is that large.

Needless to say, I'm impressed. I was in and out in less than 10 minutes, car fixed, nothing to pay and a very good feeling about the service and enthousiasm of the people working there.

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