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As I was driving home this morning, I notice something on the road, looking like a small box of paper of some kind. I steer clear of it, but apparently not enough, so I hit it. It turns out it wasn't a paper box, but a large stone! The result is one flat tire at 06h30 in the morning, in the middle of Antwerp. I drive on a bit, find a place at the side of the road to park and take a look at the damage. Sure enough, the front left tire is totally flat, so I start searching the car for a spare tire.

I open the trunk, grab the spare tire, and start jacking up the car after turning on the handbrake. Up up up, take off the flat tire, and then it happens : the jack slips to the side and my car slides down onto three wheels, resting on the brake system of the wheel that I just removed! Crap and double crap, I tell you!

Anyway, after a good curse and some fiddling I managed to get the jack back into place, and replace the tire without too much additional dificulties. I drove home very slowly and will head off to bed for a few hours now, then it's off to get the flat tire fixed or replaced. I'll have to check the rim as well, although it looked fine, but it was dark and I'm tired so nothing is certain. I really don't want to have to replace that!

Off to catch some Zzzz's now and then off to the tire centre, then I have to see if todays events influence my sheduled trip to Knufjuf tomorrow.

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