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Osama says : "withdraw from Iraq, or you'll be attacked in your own country again.' Bush replies : "we do not negotiate with terrorists." My opinion? Osama wins anyway, since now Bush can't withdraw troops from Iraq, because that'll make him and his cohorts look weak. If the USA is attacked again, Osama will claim they had every chance to avoid it.

2006 cleary is an election year in Belgium, coz there are tons of promises and improvements being suggested. Since Belgium has a shortage of homes for the elderly, suddenly with some financial technics there is enough money to have 53 new homes built, because grants will not be paid in full right away, but instead spread out over 20 years. Which is as much as saying "look, we had 53 new homes built and an additional 900 beds available, but others will have to pay for it for the next 19 years". Sounds like a very solid financial plan to me.

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Long-term redemption is how most citizens pay off their homes. Private elderly homes do the same. I think it's quite acceptable that the government supports equally. Considering that in the bookkeeping all interests on loans can be booked as costs, the yearly contribution of the state reduces these costs and consequently raise the taxes. Not that stupid as it seems at first sight.I wouldn't mind to rebuild a house with a loan for 20 years, getting the money to pay my loan from the government every year, and only have to pay (less) rents, that can be booked as costs!

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