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I just got back from the bank were we finalized my loan application. I should be able to pick up the new car on wednesday in the evening. I just need a ride over there, but I'll be bugging some people for that, so be prepared ;)

Currently blasting through my headphone is the Distorted Circuitry show of January 9th 2006 - always recommendable for EBM, Noise, Industrial fans.

I think I'll head off to bed in a few, as I've gotten only 4 hours of sleep so far, because someone called me at noon and woke me up. Bleh!

Something I shouldn't be making fun of, but the Governator himself - Arnie - was injured in a motorcycle accident on sunday. According to newsflashes, he only got light injuries and his lips needed 15 stitches. I certainly hope they sew them shut, as that'll cut back on the amount of dumb things he can announce.

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Consider yourself having a ride on wednesday - just tell me how late

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