Looking for a DVD collector tool/service


I'm looking for a freeware tool that'll let me easily catalogue my DVD's and throw the output onto the web. Whether it's a local tool or an online service doesn't matter, as long as it's free (when online) or freeware or opensource when a local program.

I'm sure some of my readers are avid movie and DVD collectors, so one of you should have a program as such, or know where to point me.

Note : I don't find Absolut Vodka Vanilia as good as the bottle suggested.

Update : I went with Smeg's suggestion and grabbed DVD Profiler. My list (so far).


DVD Profiler is one I use to do just this ... it generated this list:


Yeah, actually your blog is one of the first resources I checked because I recalled you blogging about it earlier on. However, that tool is neither free, nor opensource I believe?

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