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And with "that" I mean the title of that post I made earlier. I got the hood open, located the reservoir for the windshield wiper cleaning liquid and started filling it up. When I was able to dump 5 liter into it I was already quite suspicious, as I couldn't even get that much in my volvo tank. I closed the reservoir and tried the wipers. The wiper at the back sprayed cleaning liquid, the front ones don't. I get back out and hear a drip. More than just some excess liquid dripping down. I look down and under the car and what do I see : I'm flooding my garage with windshield cleaner!

I parked the car out for the time being and tomorrow it's off to have it looked at. Great start, that's for sure.

The photographs I made turned out to be too dark. I'll see if I can make better ones tomorrow. Off to bed now after I fed and entertained the carpetsharks, because I've got my work laid out for me in the morning.

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