I lost my smartness

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We managed to get home from the autosalon, though it wasn't so easy. You may wonder why, so allow me to explain. We arrived, parked the car after searching for a spot for about 10 minutes. We chatted and walked towards the entrance. The show itself wasn't all that fabulous, and there were very little noteworthy (read cute) hostesses around. The only girls worth mentioning were present at the Chrysler booth. I didn't get pictures though, but then again, I didn't get pictures of anything.

We walked out after about 2 hours, planning to hop in the car and go home. But where did I park it? None of us had paid attention to the row when we got out. It took us close to an hour to locate my little smart, and not being used to looking for it doesn't help either. I'm still used to search for a large blue volvo, and since my smart is now parked safely, I don't have to go looking for it somewhere in the streets. It was a good walk on the parking lot, lol!

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