Things are moving along quite nicely and I've reached an agreement on the car or so it seems. The current owner is going to have it checked (mandatory before a sale) and have the windshield repaired, and in the meanwhile I'm gonna talk to the bank and finalize things. It shouldn't be long before I'm driving around in a new(ish) car!

I'll take some photographs once everything is done and I'm the owner. Gotta talk to the insurance company on monday or tuesday as well. Don't know yet if I should take a full omnium out on the car - those are pretty expensive - or go for a limited one instead. Seeing as I drive through the harbor area quite a lot, there is always a chance I run into something hitting the windshield, damaging it, and in that regard, a limited omnium would be wise. I know that it already happened twice while driving the volvo, once without damage and once with very little damage.

Which reminds me... anyone interested in a volvo?


No, thanks!
But just for your information: you know Dimi's car will be available soon as well. In april (estimated time) he will have a company car and then the Skoda Octavia is for sale too. If anyone is interested (break, blue color, 5 years old)... FK will lead the way!

I sure will, Marianne. If you want me to post details on this blog when it's actually for sale, just gimme a yell.

Nadia : I've sent you a mail concerning the volvo, with some details about it.

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