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Grin. I just managed to squeeze my new car into the garage. The idea that I'd have ample space proved to be quite wrong : I've got about 2 cm in the front and back when the garage door is closed. Enough for days that I'm very attentive and awake, but not enough after a day of work. Thus, tomorrow morning I'll have to make more room, simple as that - it sounds simple, but it'll be quite a task.

Anyway, I also have to call Vanessa because the booklet she gave me and of which we both were under the impression that it was the car's manual, turns out to be just the radio/CD manual. Which is suprising as it is as thick as 5 regular car manuals, or so it seems. I have to check the windshield wipers too, because they do wipe, but the don't spray cleaner when I ask them too. It was noted on the checkup as well, but in my enthousiasm, I forgot to check that before I left. So began the quest to find out how to get the hood to open... Luckily, one can download the car manual on the Smart site, and now I know! I'll pop it open when I'm done posting this, and then see if it's just an empty reservoir, or something more that needs attention.

And I'll make some photographs, promise!

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