End of an era


I got up early so I could spend some more time with Max, be there for him. During the night he decided that there was nothing left worth living for though and when I looked in his cage I found another dead ferret waiting for me. That's another kid of mine gone in 96 hours, leaving me alone. I can't possibly even start to begin to describe how I feel right now, what effect this is having on me.

I always knew this day would come, but never expected it to be this fast and this way. Goodbye Max, I'll miss you. Say hi to Bono, Tisha, Plush, Happy, Fritz, Igor and Jason.

Dooks forever, kids of mine.


I'm really sorry to hear you lost both Bono and Max in less than a week's time. Indeed, I can't imagine how you feel, but if you need to talk or take your mind off things, know that me and the rest of the family are here for you.

Oh man, thats rough :( Sorry to hear it

I'm really feeling sorry for you Jerry. I know you loved them very much. I know how I felt, when I lost one of my pets, but I can hardly imagine how it would feel if I would loose them all in such a short notice as you did. I guess you feel very lost at the moment. But one thing I know: they had a wonderfull time with you! I guess Max couldn't miss his old buddy Bono!

Elise and I shed tears for you and your kids... My heart goes out to you...

that's really sad...

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