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Well, not exactly but still early enough for a weekend that I don't have to work. I woke up with a gigantic headache and I wonder what's up with that? I only had 1 beer last night so I presume - post interruted by softly boiled eggs for breakfast in the sun - that should not be the cause of today's pain. Ah well, I've not been feeling too healthy lately - since Max and Bono passed away actually. I seem to be in a continuous state of getting a cold, but not really there yet, very annoying!

This little breakfast in the sun has done me good I hope, as I've been working nightshifts and in wintertime it's hard to catch a real ray of sunlight then. I never believed that lack of sunlight can make one moody and generally feeling crappy until I believe two years ago when I first suffered from it. In about 45 minutes to 1 hour I'm off to Holland to meet with Ingrid and have a walk through the town.

This morning I cleaned up in the house a bit and tomorrow I'll have more things to do. Monday work calls again.

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