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I just got home from Dimi's party, which was held at their home, followed by a very nice meal in chesscafe Hasselt, and afterwards some more drinks at their place. A fun evening I tell you!

Now - even though it's just past 02h30 - I'm going to try and figure out what the hell is going on with my desktop computer. Just as I was preparing myself earlier on, I heard a beep and when I went to check it out, my computer was rebooting itself for no apparent reason. I booted up fine but a few minutes later, I was in the bathroom again, it did it again, but this time when booting it hangs after loading the Raid controller software. My first guess is that one of the harddrives crashed without warning, which is always possible, especially since it was under quite some load when it happened.

So, up next is checking the disks, then if they still boot the disk integrity and the data on them. If only one of them failed, I'll have to go search for a 80GB harddisk on monday or tuesday at the latest, and figure out how to rebuild the raid volume if that's possible at all. It's a mirrored system, so I shouldn't have lost data. If it fails, or I can't work out what's causing the problem, I still have my laptop to connect me to the web, but it'll be a pain if I can't rely on my main machine.

Update 04:08 : I took away the side panel and got the HD's out for a quick visual inspection. I booted the machine without incident and so far all defrags on the disks ran fine. It's busy defragging the last disk now, so if that completes fine as well, I'm rather clueless as to what went wrong. SMART is enabled for all drives, and hasn't reported anything out of the ordinary. I'll hit the bed in a few minutes, but tomorrow I'll be making extra backups - just in case - and doing more in depth diskchecks with manufacturer provided tools if I can find those. I probably already even have them... somewhere.

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