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Yesterday - or was it two days ago already - I finished reading Brass, the 2004 debut by Helen Walsh. Impressive, that's the least I can say. At first it takes a while to understand all the slang that's being used in the book, but once you stop trying to dissect every word or attribute meaning to each one of them and start seeing the emotion and context, you just dive right into the world of Millie O'Reilley. And a spectacular ride into her life it is. Millie is a "troubled teenager" for lack of the possibility to come up with a better description, that struggles with herself, her surroundings, the divorce of mom and dad, university, her sexuality, too much beak, ciggies and booze.

I can highly recommend it, and have to thank Marianne for the superb gift! Since I happen to have two copies of this book, I'll be giving one away, but... this time there is no contest on or anything like that. Instead I picked a friend of mine from Finland to receive the book : Asurfael.

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