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According to a recent study, the size of the breast of Flemish women keeps increasing. Where 15 years ago a 75B was an average cupsize, this has now increased to a 75C, due to a changed eating pattern and up to 5% of women having their breasts enlarged. To put that into perspective, roughly 1 in twenty women that you come across in your daily life sports a couple CC of silicons - or should that be "sillycones" ?

I for one am not a fan of this since I'm an avid lover of a set of small breasts, but on the other hand I do encourage people to do what makes them feel better and if women feel better after having their breasts lifted, enlarged, reshaped or downsized I can only be happy for them.

As long as the world ain't full of nothing but women with a DD cup, that is :)

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