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This is my first entry for 2006, but please don't expect anything extraordinary. I'm still the same slightly deranged blogger, only the calendar now reads 2006. I haven't changed, time did.

For those curious about what happened between December 31st and today, here's a short overview :

- I slept as 2005 rolled over into 2006, and people were partying and lighting fireworks everywhere.
- Starting january 1st, smoking is prohibited in places of work, I can't say I'm opposed to that. Fresh(er) air, finally.
- Banks and bankaccounts are far from a guarantee that your money "grows". I'll be reviewing my current accounts and be cutting some costs for sure.
- The IE layout flaw on this blog was not fixed, the code that caused the problem was removed. If anyone with super CSS knowledge feels like taking a look at my template, please let me know. I'll love you forever.
- I slayed another Dragon in Legend of The Green Dragon. I'm getting good :)
- Definitely considering buying a new car now, and I'll be checking the various promotions at the car fair in Brussels this month.

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