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Winamp 0-day exploit patched

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Yesterday Winamp 5.13 was released, containing a critical security fix for a bug that's being exploited actively. Opening playlists (.pls or .m3u files) could lead to arbitrary code being executed, so watch out before you go clicking on random links online. The smart thing would be to update right now :)

Totally unrelated but still somehow interesting : a couple of days ago, I checked the nesting cabin outside for early activity, but it was still empty. I had heard quite some bird sounds on the balcony earlier though and today I heard it again. No less than three Great Tits are checking out the nest as a new home! I guess those are the kids that were raised in it last year, now returning to raise their own offspring.

Playing catch up

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I just got back from food shopping and will be off to work a late shift soon. But first I have to update my DVD list (link posted earlier) because today The Cell (with J-Lo) and Dancer in the Dark (with Björk) arrived. This morning I updated the version of firefox that runs from my USB stick to 1.5, which is admittedly not very exciting ;)

When I got home tonight, I'll play some games, have something to eat, look up some things I promised to be done by last weekend (thus yesterday) and watch one of the DVD's, or finish watching series 1&2 of 'Allo 'Allo which I borrowed from Joco.

Without oil, the world boils

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I just caught "2013 : La fin du pétrole" on Canvas in Lichtpunt. It's a french documentary made by Stéphane Meunier, focussing on what happens when in 2013 attacks are carried out on several oil delivery and production facilities simultaniously, and how it impacts the availability of transport, food and medicins to name only a few things.

Very interesting documentary, though I cannot say whether or not it was sensationalized or just showing the real future. Because, even without any attacks, sooner rather than later the last drop will be spent.

Knock on wood

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I had a great time yesterday, it's been quite a while since I laughed that hard and much. I left around eleven and was back home around twelve thirty. Today I spent cleaning up a bit and then I followed my hattrick match (which I won 1-3) and I watched 54 on DVD. Disco music still kicks ass, or I'm getting old ;)

Early morning

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Well, not exactly but still early enough for a weekend that I don't have to work. I woke up with a gigantic headache and I wonder what's up with that? I only had 1 beer last night so I presume - post interruted by softly boiled eggs for breakfast in the sun - that should not be the cause of today's pain. Ah well, I've not been feeling too healthy lately - since Max and Bono passed away actually. I seem to be in a continuous state of getting a cold, but not really there yet, very annoying!

This little breakfast in the sun has done me good I hope, as I've been working nightshifts and in wintertime it's hard to catch a real ray of sunlight then. I never believed that lack of sunlight can make one moody and generally feeling crappy until I believe two years ago when I first suffered from it. In about 45 minutes to 1 hour I'm off to Holland to meet with Ingrid and have a walk through the town.

This morning I cleaned up in the house a bit and tomorrow I'll have more things to do. Monday work calls again.


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I got up about an hour later than expect and drove over - very slowly - to the tire centre. There were little to no customers ahead of me, so I was hoping to be in and out in a matter of minutes. Then it turned out they didn't have a Continental PremiumContact 195/50R 82V in stock, but they told me to drive over to their branch in Schoten, where they had 9 in stock. So I hopped back into the car and drove to Schoten where I waited in line at the reception for 20 minutes. When it was my turn and I asked to have a tire replaced they said I should just drive in and talk to one of their employees. 20 minutes wasted in line.

I drive up, get a note stuck under the windshieldwiper and get helped by one of the mechanics. After a couple of minutes, he tells me that they don't have the tire in stock. I reply that I've been sent there by the Wijnegem branch of Donckers and that they confirmed a stock of 9 tires in Schoten. After some help from a more experienced technician my tire was found and replaced.

After only 1.5 hours total I drove back out and stopped over at Joco's place to pay him and Eef a visit and play with the kids. Michael is growing really fast, I was amazed.

Tonight I plan to make Argentinian Beef Chimichurri, drink beer and watch DVD's. That Beef Chimichurri dish from Knorr is totally yummy! A tad too spicy for my liking but good nonetheless. I'm having a Brahma (Brasilian) beer to go with it which complements it nicely. The beer is nice but not as good as a Corona Extra but the store was out of those.

Running on flat

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As I was driving home this morning, I notice something on the road, looking like a small box of paper of some kind. I steer clear of it, but apparently not enough, so I hit it. It turns out it wasn't a paper box, but a large stone! The result is one flat tire at 06h30 in the morning, in the middle of Antwerp. I drive on a bit, find a place at the side of the road to park and take a look at the damage. Sure enough, the front left tire is totally flat, so I start searching the car for a spare tire.

I open the trunk, grab the spare tire, and start jacking up the car after turning on the handbrake. Up up up, take off the flat tire, and then it happens : the jack slips to the side and my car slides down onto three wheels, resting on the brake system of the wheel that I just removed! Crap and double crap, I tell you!

Anyway, after a good curse and some fiddling I managed to get the jack back into place, and replace the tire without too much additional dificulties. I drove home very slowly and will head off to bed for a few hours now, then it's off to get the flat tire fixed or replaced. I'll have to check the rim as well, although it looked fine, but it was dark and I'm tired so nothing is certain. I really don't want to have to replace that!

Off to catch some Zzzz's now and then off to the tire centre, then I have to see if todays events influence my sheduled trip to Knufjuf tomorrow.

Entertain me

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These should arrive soon : The L-Word (season 1), Studio 54, Dancer in the Dark, The Cell.

Looking for a DVD collector tool/service


I'm looking for a freeware tool that'll let me easily catalogue my DVD's and throw the output onto the web. Whether it's a local tool or an online service doesn't matter, as long as it's free (when online) or freeware or opensource when a local program.

I'm sure some of my readers are avid movie and DVD collectors, so one of you should have a program as such, or know where to point me.

Note : I don't find Absolut Vodka Vanilia as good as the bottle suggested.

Update : I went with Smeg's suggestion and grabbed DVD Profiler. My list (so far).

When someone you love is kinky

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Title : When someone you love is kinky
Author(s) : Dossie Easton and Catherine A. Liszt
ISBN : 1-890159-23-9
Page : 155

I just finished reading "When someone you love is kinky", and I'm a bit disappointed by it. Not because the book itself was badly written, or an inappropriate subject, but it didn't offer me what I was looking for, as undefined or vague my expectations may have been. The authors focus mainly on BSDM as kinky sex, while I think there is much much else out there. Truth be said, they do mention other "kinks", and to some close minded people that think hetero sex in missionary position inside marriage for something else than making kids is a sin, kink or pure evil, this book will be both revealing as well as shocking (or maybe even choking).

However, I think it's quite safe to say that I'm far beyond that, maybe not physically, but mentally for sure. I know gay and lesbian people personally, I'm open to much and respect choices that people make, even if it's not something I'd do or prefer. With that in mind, I can honestly say I've not learned anything by reading this book, apart maybe the knowledge that not everyone is on the same level of acceptance as I am. On the other hand, neither have I lost anything by reading it.

Is it a book worth reading? Certainly, but it didn't "work" for me. I cannot clearly say what I was looking to get out of it, because that in itself is yet to be defined, but I can say that this wasn't it. Isn't it great to search for something you don't know yet yourself?

Now I'll start reading up upon something completely different : "remote viewing", something interesting, yet so far uncomprehensible to me. So, what does one do? Read more!

I am Lime

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I read this at The Daily Dildo, and was rather suprised by it's accuracy :

Find your birthday and then find your tree.

Dec 23 to Jan 01 - Apple Tree
Jan 01 to Jan 11 - Fir Tree
Jan 12 to Jan 24 - Elm Tree
Jan 25 to Feb 03 - Cypress Tree
Feb 04 to Feb 08 - Poplar Tree
Feb 09 to Feb 18 - Cedar Tree
Feb 19 to Feb 28 - Pine Tree
Mar 01 to Mar 10 - Weeping Willow Tree
Mar 21 (only) - Oak Tree
Mar 11 to Mar 20 - Lime Tree
Mar 22 to Mar 31 - Hazelnut Tree
April 01 to Apr 10 - Rowan Tree
Apr 11 to Apr 20 - Maple Tree
Apr 21 to Apr 30 - Walnut Tree
May 01 to May 14 - Popular Tree
May 15 to May 24 - Chestnut Tree
May 25 to Jun 03 - Ash Tree
Jun 14 to Jun 23 - Fig Tree
Jun 24 (only) - Birch Tree
Jun 25 to Jul 04 - Apple Tree
Jul 05 to Jul 14 - Fir Tree
Jul 15 to Jul 25 - Elm Tree
Jul 26 to Aug 04 - Cypress Tree
Aug 05 to Aug 13 - Poplar Tree
Aug 14 to Aug 23 - Cedar Tree
Aug 14 to Aug 23 - Cedar Tree
Aug 24 to Sep 02 - Pine Tree
Sep 03 to Sep 12 - Weeping Willow Tree
Sep 13 to Sep 22 - Lime Tree
Sep 23 (only) - Olive Tree
Sep 24 to Oct 03 - Hazelnut Tree
Oct 04 to Oct 13 - Rowan Tree
Oct 14 to Oct 23 - Maple Tree
Oct 24 to Nov 11 - Walnut Tree
Nov 12 to Nov 21 - Chestnut Tree
Nov 22 to Dec 01 - Ash Tree
Dec 02 to Dec 11 - Hornbeam Tree
Dec 12 to Dec 21 - Fig Tree
Dec 22 (only) - Beech Tree

Now find your Tree (in alphabetical order).

Apple Tree (love) -- quiet and shy at times, lots of charm, appeal and attraction, pleasant attitude, flirtatious smile, adventurous, sensitive, loyal in love, wants to love and be loved, faithful and tender partner, very generous, many talents, loves children, needs affectionate partner.

Ash Tree (Ambition) -- extremely attractive, vivacious, impulsive, demanding, doesn't care for criticism, ambitious, intelligent, restless lover, sometimes money rules over the heart, demands attention, needs love and emotional support.

Beech Tree (Creative) -- has good taste, concerned about its looks, materialistic, good organization of life and career, emotional, good leader, takes no unnecessary risk, reasonable, splinded lifetime companion, keen on keeping fit (diets, sports, etc.).

Birch Tree (Inspiration) -- vivacious, attractive, elegant, friendly, unpretentious, modest, does not like anything in excess, abhors the vulgar, loves life in nature and in calm, not very passionate, full of imagination, little ambition, creates a calm and content atmosphere.

Cedar Tree (Confidence) -- of rare strength. knows how to adapt, likes unexpected presents, of good health, not in the shy, tends to look doWn on others, self-confident, a great speaker, determined, often impatient, likes to impress other, has many talents, industrious, healthy optimisim, waits for the one true love, able to make quick decisions.

Chestnut Tree (Honesty) -- of unusual stature, impressive, well-developed sense of justice, fun to be around, a planner, born diplomat, can be irritated easily, sensitive of others feelings, hard worker, sometimes acts superior, feels not understood at times, fiercely family oriented, very loyal in love, physically fit.

Cypress Tree (Faithfulness) -- strong, muscular, adaptable, takes what life has to give but dosen't necessarily like it, strives to be content, optimistic wants to be financially independent, wants love and affection, hates loneliness, passionate lover which could not be satisfied, faithful, quick-tempered at times, can be unruly and careless, loves to gain knowledge, needs to be needed.

Elm Tree (Noble-Mindedness) -- pleasant shape, tasteful clothes, modest demands, tends not to forgive mistakes, cheerful, likes to lead but not to obey, honest and faithful partner, likes making decions for others, noble-minded, generous, good sense of humor, practical.

Fig Tree (Sensibility) -- very strong minded, a bit self-willed, honest, loyal, independant, hates contradiction or auguments, hard worker when wants to be, loves life and friends, enjoys children and animals, few sexual relationships, great sense of humor, has artistic talent and great intelligence.

Fir Tree (Mysterious) -- extraordinary taste, handles stress well, loves anything beautiful, stubborn, tends to care for those close to them, hard to trust others, yet a social butterfly, likes idleness and laziness after long demanding hours at work, rather modest, talented, unselfish, many friends, very reliable.

Hazelnut Tree (Extraordinary) -- Charming, sense of humor, very demanding but can also be very understanding, knows how to make a lasting impression, active fighter fo social causes and politics, popular, quite moody, sexually oriented, honest, a perfectionist, has a precise sense of judgment and expects complete fairness.

Hornbeam Tree (Good Taste) -- of cool beauty, cares for its looks and condition, good taste, is not egoistic, makes life as comfortable as possible, leads a reasonable and disciplined life, looks for kindness and acknowledgment in an emotional partner, dreams of unusual lovers, is seldom happy with its feelings, mistrusts most people, is never sure of its decions, very conscientious.

Lime Tree (Doubt) -- intelligent, hard working, accepts what life dishes out, but not before trying to change bad circumstances into good ones, hates fighting and stress, enjoys getaway vacations, may appear tough, but is actually soft and relenting, always willing to make sacrifices for family and friends, has many talents but not always enough time to use them, can become a complainer, great leadership qualities, is jealous at times but extremely loyal.

Maple Tree (Independence of Mind) -- no ordinary person, full of imagination and originality, shy and reserved, ambitious, proud, sometimes nervous, has many complexities, good memory, learns easily, complicated love life, wants to be impress.

Oak Tree (Brave) -- robust nature, courageous, strong, unrelenting, independent, sensible, does not like change, keeps its feet on the ground, person of action.

Olive Tree (Wisdom) -- loves sun, warmth and kind feelings reasonable, balanced, avoids aggression and violence, tolerant, cheerful, calm, well-developed sense of justice, sensitive, empathetic, free of jealousy, loves to read and the company of sophisticated people.

Pine Tree (Peacemaker) -- loves agreeable company, craves peace and harmony, loves to help others, active imagination, likes to write poetry, not fashion conscious, great compassion, friendly to all, falls strongly in love but will leave if betrayed or lied to, emotionally soft, low self esteem, needs affection and reassurance.

Popular Tree (Uncertainty) -- looks very decorative, talented, not very self-confident, extremely courageous if necessary, needs goodwill and pleasant surroundings, very choosy, often lonely, great artistic nature, good organizer, tends to lean toward philosophy, reliable in any situation, takes partnership seriously.

Rowan Tree (Sensitivity) -- full of charm, cheerful, gifted without egoisim, likes to draw attention, loves life, motion, unrest, and even complications, is both dependent and independent, good taste, extremely generous, artistic, passionate, emotional, good company, does not forgive.

Walnut Tree (Passion) -- unrelenting, strange and full of contrast, often egotistic, aggressive, noble, broad horizon, unexpected reactions, spontaneous, unlimited ambition, no flexablity, difficult and un common partner, not always liked but often admired, ingenious strategist, very jealous and passionate, no compromise.

Weeping Willow (Melancholy) -- likes to be stress free, loves family life, full hopes and dreams, attractive, very empathetic, loves anything beautiful, musically inclind, loves to travel to exotic places, restless, capricious, honest, can be influenced but is not easy to live with when pressured , sometimes demanding, good intuition, suffers in love until they find that one loyal, steadfast partner, loves to make others laugh.

I'm a Lime Tree, Vixen is Chestnut.

Thanks Michelle

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I received this from Michelle a couple of days ago, and for that, I thank her.

We who choose to surround ourselves
with lives even more temporary than
our own live within a fragile circle,
easily and often breached.
Unable to accept its awful gaps,
we still would live no other way.
We cherish memory as the only certain
immortality, never fully understanding
the necessary plan...

"The Once Again Prince" from "Separate Life Times"

Chess is a game of intelligence

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I just got home from Dimi's party, which was held at their home, followed by a very nice meal in chesscafe Hasselt, and afterwards some more drinks at their place. A fun evening I tell you!

Now - even though it's just past 02h30 - I'm going to try and figure out what the hell is going on with my desktop computer. Just as I was preparing myself earlier on, I heard a beep and when I went to check it out, my computer was rebooting itself for no apparent reason. I booted up fine but a few minutes later, I was in the bathroom again, it did it again, but this time when booting it hangs after loading the Raid controller software. My first guess is that one of the harddrives crashed without warning, which is always possible, especially since it was under quite some load when it happened.

So, up next is checking the disks, then if they still boot the disk integrity and the data on them. If only one of them failed, I'll have to go search for a 80GB harddisk on monday or tuesday at the latest, and figure out how to rebuild the raid volume if that's possible at all. It's a mirrored system, so I shouldn't have lost data. If it fails, or I can't work out what's causing the problem, I still have my laptop to connect me to the web, but it'll be a pain if I can't rely on my main machine.

Update 04:08 : I took away the side panel and got the HD's out for a quick visual inspection. I booted the machine without incident and so far all defrags on the disks ran fine. It's busy defragging the last disk now, so if that completes fine as well, I'm rather clueless as to what went wrong. SMART is enabled for all drives, and hasn't reported anything out of the ordinary. I'll hit the bed in a few minutes, but tomorrow I'll be making extra backups - just in case - and doing more in depth diskchecks with manufacturer provided tools if I can find those. I probably already even have them... somewhere.



Today at work was rather easy going for the first couple of hours, but then we ran into some troubles and we all needed to kick it up a couple of notches. Once we got an idea of what exactly the problem was and what could be done about it, we took control and kept things running rather smoothly, all things considered.

I just finished eating some pizza, and I'll be off to bed in a few as I'm getting sleepy. I may finish reading "When someone you love is kinky", but if I'm too tired, it'll be something to do tomorrow morning. Tomorrow night I'm gonna visit one of my grandma's, and then it's off to Dimi's party.

Random News : My Comments

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Osama says : "withdraw from Iraq, or you'll be attacked in your own country again.' Bush replies : "we do not negotiate with terrorists." My opinion? Osama wins anyway, since now Bush can't withdraw troops from Iraq, because that'll make him and his cohorts look weak. If the USA is attacked again, Osama will claim they had every chance to avoid it.

2006 cleary is an election year in Belgium, coz there are tons of promises and improvements being suggested. Since Belgium has a shortage of homes for the elderly, suddenly with some financial technics there is enough money to have 53 new homes built, because grants will not be paid in full right away, but instead spread out over 20 years. Which is as much as saying "look, we had 53 new homes built and an additional 900 beds available, but others will have to pay for it for the next 19 years". Sounds like a very solid financial plan to me.

Smart Center Antwerp rocks!

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I must say that I'm rather pleased with the excellent service I got from the people at Smart Center Antwerp. I only recently became a smart driver, the car itself wasn't bought there, and they've never seen me before. Yet I called, made an appointement and when I showed up today, 45 minutes early, someone looked at the problem right away, fixed it and before I was done touring the showroom, he was back and handed me the keys.

When I asked what the problem was exactly, he popped the hood of one of the cars parked in the showroom and explained all about the tube with the connector. When I told him about being able to pour 5 liters of cleaning liquid in the reservoir, he confirmed that it holds 6, and offered to show me on a car that was partially dismantled because it was getting new body panels fitted. I followed him into the work area where he proceeded to point out the large reservoir, how it's fitted and why it is that large.

Needless to say, I'm impressed. I was in and out in less than 10 minutes, car fixed, nothing to pay and a very good feeling about the service and enthousiasm of the people working there.

I lost my smartness

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We managed to get home from the autosalon, though it wasn't so easy. You may wonder why, so allow me to explain. We arrived, parked the car after searching for a spot for about 10 minutes. We chatted and walked towards the entrance. The show itself wasn't all that fabulous, and there were very little noteworthy (read cute) hostesses around. The only girls worth mentioning were present at the Chrysler booth. I didn't get pictures though, but then again, I didn't get pictures of anything.

We walked out after about 2 hours, planning to hop in the car and go home. But where did I park it? None of us had paid attention to the row when we got out. It took us close to an hour to locate my little smart, and not being used to looking for it doesn't help either. I'm still used to search for a large blue volvo, and since my smart is now parked safely, I don't have to go looking for it somewhere in the streets. It was a good walk on the parking lot, lol!


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In a couple of minutes I should leave to go pick up Olivier and then we'll head off to the Autosalon. The weather sucks bigtime though, and with my windshieldwipers still not fixed - appointement tomorrow, remember - I'd rather just stay home. Furthermore I forced myself to read and reply to a bunch of mails, while I wasn't really feeling in the mood for it.

Sometimes I'd just like to say "fuck off, world. fuck off, everyone, leave me alone" but ten minutes later I feel better and then it becomes "go away". Which is much more gentle if you ask me. Luckily most of the time I'm still thinking positive and open to suggestions, even if at times I don't seem to care much. Which is probably true at the time.

Ah well, ups and downs - something for everyone.

Now, fuck off, I'm gonne grab something to eat and then I'm out of here.

Boobtalk with ServMe

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According to a recent study, the size of the breast of Flemish women keeps increasing. Where 15 years ago a 75B was an average cupsize, this has now increased to a 75C, due to a changed eating pattern and up to 5% of women having their breasts enlarged. To put that into perspective, roughly 1 in twenty women that you come across in your daily life sports a couple CC of silicons - or should that be "sillycones" ?

I for one am not a fan of this since I'm an avid lover of a set of small breasts, but on the other hand I do encourage people to do what makes them feel better and if women feel better after having their breasts lifted, enlarged, reshaped or downsized I can only be happy for them.

As long as the world ain't full of nothing but women with a DD cup, that is :)

End of an era


I got up early so I could spend some more time with Max, be there for him. During the night he decided that there was nothing left worth living for though and when I looked in his cage I found another dead ferret waiting for me. That's another kid of mine gone in 96 hours, leaving me alone. I can't possibly even start to begin to describe how I feel right now, what effect this is having on me.

I always knew this day would come, but never expected it to be this fast and this way. Goodbye Max, I'll miss you. Say hi to Bono, Tisha, Plush, Happy, Fritz, Igor and Jason.

Dooks forever, kids of mine.

Trouble ahead

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When I came home tonight, Max was in his hammock. When I opened the cage, he didn't even wake and when I reached in to pet him, he hardly reacted. Finally, after petting him for a few minutes and leaving the cage door open, he came out, but was totally letargic and disinterested. He waggled around a bit, laid down, waggled some more. All signs tell me that I'm dealing with a very lost and depressed ferret here. He ate his raisin but quite reluctantly and didn't even touch the ferretone I offered him.

When I picked him up and laid him on my chest - where he usually starts giving me kisses right away - he just laid there, sighed, laid and sighed some more. This is not just looking bad, but really bad. He's very much affected by Bono's death, which could be expected but I hoped it wouldn't. We both may be in for a very rough ride since I predict him stopping eating any time now, which will lead to losing weight and being even more down. I'll have to give him every second of attention I can, so as soon as I finish this post, I'm going to hug and hold him some more before I head off to bed. I'll get up early in the morning to give him attention and before I leave for work.

Update : I quickly made him some energy rich liquid food, but he refused that as well. When I tried forcefeeding it to him - as a last measure - he spit most out again but he had some. Water he accepted and he even drunk a bit from his bottle while laying in my arm. When I placed him back in his cage, he just stood there, and then lowered his head and laid down where I put him. The fact that he drank some water is the only thing even slightly positive to hang on to in this situation. Tomorrow morning I'll see if he feels like eating some more, if not I'll have to force him again.

I do recall that Fritz refused to eat for nearly three weeks when I changed food back in the days, which just shows how stubborn carpetsharks can be.

Up, Down, the rollercoaster

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I just got back from some shopping which will allow me to help out my best friend tomorrow and in a few I'm off to work. Yeah, weekends are for working :)

Last night wasn't too good at work. For some reason or another, none of us really got along and there was a bit of tension which is not really suprising considering the amount of pressure and crap we've been forced to deal with lately, but still... I consider us one of the most stable teams on the site. Things probably are better today, and if not we'll have to make sure we talk about what's bothering everyone and clear things up. A team is as good as each member, but when everyone performs their best, a team is more than the sum of the members.

I guess you get the idea, right? After work I'm off to Jess & Mark to give her her birthday present and to show off the new car.



Bono passed away last night. He had been ill for some time and was on meds for it, but his time had come. This leaves just me and Max here, which is a bit sad, but I'll make sure to give him all the attention he needs.

Bono is saying hi to all other carpetsharks over the rainbowbridge, and probably dooking around as I write this. I'll miss the little fellow...

Change of plans

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I just called smart center Antwerp and it turns out they were very busy. They could squeeze me in tomorrow afternoon, but as I'm working a late shift tomorrow, that was impossible. So it'll be next week on wednesday instead, right after work. This means that I'll leave for the insurance company now, and possibly pop over at the bank to drop some information they wanted.

In the afternoon it's off to work then.

Update : Insurance run, completed. Bank run, completed. Garage : reorganized. I actually did that last night since I couldn't sleep anyway.

Let me take that back

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And with "that" I mean the title of that post I made earlier. I got the hood open, located the reservoir for the windshield wiper cleaning liquid and started filling it up. When I was able to dump 5 liter into it I was already quite suspicious, as I couldn't even get that much in my volvo tank. I closed the reservoir and tried the wipers. The wiper at the back sprayed cleaning liquid, the front ones don't. I get back out and hear a drip. More than just some excess liquid dripping down. I look down and under the car and what do I see : I'm flooding my garage with windshield cleaner!

I parked the car out for the time being and tomorrow it's off to have it looked at. Great start, that's for sure.

The photographs I made turned out to be too dark. I'll see if I can make better ones tomorrow. Off to bed now after I fed and entertained the carpetsharks, because I've got my work laid out for me in the morning.

From this point on, I'm smart

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Grin. I just managed to squeeze my new car into the garage. The idea that I'd have ample space proved to be quite wrong : I've got about 2 cm in the front and back when the garage door is closed. Enough for days that I'm very attentive and awake, but not enough after a day of work. Thus, tomorrow morning I'll have to make more room, simple as that - it sounds simple, but it'll be quite a task.

Anyway, I also have to call Vanessa because the booklet she gave me and of which we both were under the impression that it was the car's manual, turns out to be just the radio/CD manual. Which is suprising as it is as thick as 5 regular car manuals, or so it seems. I have to check the windshield wipers too, because they do wipe, but the don't spray cleaner when I ask them too. It was noted on the checkup as well, but in my enthousiasm, I forgot to check that before I left. So began the quest to find out how to get the hood to open... Luckily, one can download the car manual on the Smart site, and now I know! I'll pop it open when I'm done posting this, and then see if it's just an empty reservoir, or something more that needs attention.

And I'll make some photographs, promise!

Patch, Patchouli, Patch!

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If you've been thinking about visiting windowsupdate and getting the newest patches and updates installed, now is a good time to do it. Actually, I hope you already installed the critical patch (MS06-001) for the WMF vulnerablilties which was released last week. Today - patching tuesday - two new patches have appeared on the MS site, one aiming to close a hole in how Microsoft Windows processes embedded web fonts (MS06-002) and one should stitch up a Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format (TNEF) decoding vulnerability (MS06-003). Both vulnerabilities create new means for malicious people to breach security on your system(s), by as simple means as having you visit a website or opening a specially crafted e-mail. This alows mass infection as well as targetting very specific users, systems or organisations. Don't think it won't happen to you, patch now!

I've been in a "get rid of mess" mood today, as I removed all junk from the volvo, and got rid of some crap in the home too. I suppose the new set of wheels are bringing out the best in me, lol.

Rub eyes and look confused

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When I got home this morning, I was pretty tired, yet I managed to drag myself out of bed after only 6 hours of sleep, because I had things to do. I cleaned up the garage a bit more - although it's more a mess now than it was yesterday - and threw out some junk. I did forget the single bicycle wheel that was laying around though. That'll be for a next time I suppose. After that, I hopped over to the shop to get a gift for my sisters birthday and I had a new licenseplate made. You can't have a new car with an old and damaged licenseplate, can you?

The rest of the day I plan to just hang around and enjoy myself, and I'll probably head off to bed pretty early. I just got out of a nice hot bath, and I'm sleepy already!

Tears well up

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So much for going to bed, it promises to be a long long night. Anyway, I just got back from a shopping run (food) and I reorganized my garage so I hopefully can station the new car inside instead of out on the street. Apart from it being safer there, it'll also cut back on the times I walk out in the middle of the night and wonder where I parked it before. I tell you, alzheimer is not far away! I got a call from Vanessa giving me some data I needed so once I had it, I called the insurance company and arranged for my insurance to be transferred on wednesday. Tomorrow the car is off for a checkup and in the afternoon she's taking it in to have the windshield replaced. She actually told me they repaired the damage in the windshield today, but she wasn't pleased with the outcome and as she's got a full cover insurance, she demanded a full replacement. Fine by me :)

I finished reading Rescue Ferrets At Sea and I loved it! It brought me to tears on quite some occasions, and I can't wait to start reading Air Ferrets Aloft. That'll have to wait till tomorrow though.

Other things I should do tomorrow (while I still have a "big" car) : take out some trash to the container park (old TV, old chair, bunch of crap, ...)

Moving along

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I just got back from the bank were we finalized my loan application. I should be able to pick up the new car on wednesday in the evening. I just need a ride over there, but I'll be bugging some people for that, so be prepared ;)

Currently blasting through my headphone is the Distorted Circuitry show of January 9th 2006 - always recommendable for EBM, Noise, Industrial fans.

I think I'll head off to bed in a few, as I've gotten only 4 hours of sleep so far, because someone called me at noon and woke me up. Bleh!

Something I shouldn't be making fun of, but the Governator himself - Arnie - was injured in a motorcycle accident on sunday. According to newsflashes, he only got light injuries and his lips needed 15 stitches. I certainly hope they sew them shut, as that'll cut back on the amount of dumb things he can announce.

I need time off

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In less than an hour I'm leaving for work, and I certainly don't feel like it. I've got a headache even though I had a very good rest during the day. I may be getting a bit ill, who knows? Tomorrow another nightshift calls, and it's not with my regular team either, so I'm less than thrilled about it. Ah well... I'll survive.


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Yesterday - or was it two days ago already - I finished reading Brass, the 2004 debut by Helen Walsh. Impressive, that's the least I can say. At first it takes a while to understand all the slang that's being used in the book, but once you stop trying to dissect every word or attribute meaning to each one of them and start seeing the emotion and context, you just dive right into the world of Millie O'Reilley. And a spectacular ride into her life it is. Millie is a "troubled teenager" for lack of the possibility to come up with a better description, that struggles with herself, her surroundings, the divorce of mom and dad, university, her sexuality, too much beak, ciggies and booze.

I can highly recommend it, and have to thank Marianne for the superb gift! Since I happen to have two copies of this book, I'll be giving one away, but... this time there is no contest on friedkitten.com or anything like that. Instead I picked a friend of mine from Finland to receive the book : Asurfael.



Things are moving along quite nicely and I've reached an agreement on the car or so it seems. The current owner is going to have it checked (mandatory before a sale) and have the windshield repaired, and in the meanwhile I'm gonna talk to the bank and finalize things. It shouldn't be long before I'm driving around in a new(ish) car!

I'll take some photographs once everything is done and I'm the owner. Gotta talk to the insurance company on monday or tuesday as well. Don't know yet if I should take a full omnium out on the car - those are pretty expensive - or go for a limited one instead. Seeing as I drive through the harbor area quite a lot, there is always a chance I run into something hitting the windshield, damaging it, and in that regard, a limited omnium would be wise. I know that it already happened twice while driving the volvo, once without damage and once with very little damage.

Which reminds me... anyone interested in a volvo?

Wow... A couple of months ago, I had purchased a bunch of stock, hoping to make a quick profit and then dump them again. I should have known better than let greed or money make the decision. I bought stock and it started going down, I'm almost getting used to it. Now, due to playing with the idea of getting a new (or second hand) car, I could use the money I invested earlier.

Yesterday I had put in a sell order for GIMV, because the value was rising slowly, and I hoped over the next couple of weeks it would reach my break even point at which I could sell again without loss (including taxes etc). Imagine my suprise when it already happened today! In fact, I could have sold at an even higher value, but I'm happy with the outcome : a tiny profit (22 euro) and cash I can use.

So, what's the lesson I learned from this? Invest in things I believe in, and not because I want to make a quick profit. It just shows that I'm much better off with a long term investment, opposed to jump and dump stocks.

In the mean time, the following stocks are still way under par for me : Telenet (no real suprise there), Unilever (dumping them as soon as they are break even), and ATX Communications (99.9% loss).

In 2005, I was able to get a good return on : Elia, and my various "green" investments.


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I just told Joco that I'd be late for our sauna appointement because my bathrobe was still in the laudrymachine. His reply : "lol, mine is in the dryer, I spilled coffee over it."

It's not the first time we ended up doing the same things, unaware of the actions of the other. Another example : we both own a t-shirt that's exctly the same. I've got tons of t-shirts, so does Joco. We meet and wear the same shirt. It's kind of funny :)

Today I wrapped up some things from 2005, and got everything prepared for 2006 - a bit late you may say, but it's my first day off. The robe is done, off to throw it in the dryer and in the meanwhile I'll shave so I look at least a bit presentable before I leave.

Words of wisdom

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Women are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree. Most men don’t want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they just take the rotten apples from the ground that aren’t as good, but easy. The apples at the top think something is wrong with them, when in reality, they’re amazing. They just have to wait for the right man to come along, the one who’s brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree.

Now Men… Men are like a fine wine. They begin as grapes, and it’s up to women to stomp the crap out of them until they turn into something acceptable to have dinner with.

So, I believe the tip here is - learn to climb trees without falling down too much.


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This is my first entry for 2006, but please don't expect anything extraordinary. I'm still the same slightly deranged blogger, only the calendar now reads 2006. I haven't changed, time did.

For those curious about what happened between December 31st and today, here's a short overview :

- I slept as 2005 rolled over into 2006, and people were partying and lighting fireworks everywhere.
- Starting january 1st, smoking is prohibited in places of work, I can't say I'm opposed to that. Fresh(er) air, finally.
- Banks and bankaccounts are far from a guarantee that your money "grows". I'll be reviewing my current accounts and be cutting some costs for sure.
- The IE layout flaw on this blog was not fixed, the code that caused the problem was removed. If anyone with super CSS knowledge feels like taking a look at my template, please let me know. I'll love you forever.
- I slayed another Dragon in Legend of The Green Dragon. I'm getting good :)
- Definitely considering buying a new car now, and I'll be checking the various promotions at the car fair in Brussels this month.

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