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I just finished wrapping and labeling a ton of gifts, and it's just a matter of hours before others will unwrap them again. I should have been in bed about 3 hours ago, but it's clear that I'm not. I finished watching The Blues Brothers, then popped in Tron, and when I finished that one, I started wrapping gifts. Now there are two critical things to remember tomorrow :

1. bring all the gifts with me
2. bring the coded list with me (otherwise it'll be erm... chaos.)

Now, cards... as you probably have noticed, I have not (yet?) sent out snail mail cards. I'm not sure I'll do either, as it's becoming rather pointless to think of cards and send them out on December 27th or so. I may create a nice and unique digital card again, providing I've got the time and good material for it. If not, better luck next year! I blame it all on working hard, no snow to remind me of it being the end of December already...

Oh, and something completely different, but entirely true and quite funny : Internet is for Porn (by Evilhoof and Flayed) (Video, 3:16 minutes, Safe for Work)

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