Windmills, Penises, Shopping and Books

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Last night was fun. I'd almost say "as usual" but that makes it sound all to common, while it is special over and over again. Hilda had been creative with apples containing notes, the food was excellent and the company as well. I had a great time, and left somewhere around 2 I believe.

I've got a ton of new books to read, so everyone, thanks for the gifts! These are the newest addittion to my personal library : Brass (Helen Walsh), Gynomyte - Fearless feminist porn (edited by Liz Belile), Alternatives to economic globalization (John Cavanagh) and two Ferret Chronicle books (Rescue Ferrets at Sea, Air Ferrets Aloft) by Richard Bach. I'll get my brand new relaxation bed out and start reading, because more books are on the way... Amazon was a bit slow for some of the gifts.

This morning I got up before I felt getting up and took the car back to the garage. I had been there on thursday for a checkup and an oil change, and yesterday I noticed it was leaking oil. Not good if you ask me, so I took it in again to have it looked after. Turns out they had used an incorrect seal, which resulted in (minor) oil leakage.

Tomorrow I head back off to work til wednesday, thursday it's another x-mas dinner at my uncles place, saturday early shift starts and 2006 kicks off.

While going over referrer links to my blog, I stumbled upon The Daily Dildo. Just after reading a short description by the author, Vixen, I knew I wanted to read more (an excerpt) : "28 years old, animal welfare activist, loves windmills. Has to touch everything, not only while shopping. Can never finish anything and is distracted by brilliant ideas. Hates animal abuse, most people and hypocrites."

This almost certainly will become a daily read for me (and thus in time will be added to the navigation bar). Time to let her know I'm most fascinated...

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