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Can you imagine my utter suprise just a few minutes ago, when I popped a DVD into my Loomax X-50 DVD player and it asked me for a "parental control" security code? "What the fuck?!" was my first reaction, as I stared at the screen rather confused. I bought that DVD player somewhere early 2004 and it has never asked me to input any kind of security code.

Think think... where did I put that manual? Did I throw it away, and if not, where did I put it? As you may already have guessed, I was a tad bit more than just clueless. I've got tons of electronic devices and gadgets, and I'm a walking security code and password library, but the DVD players parental control code? Never heard of it!

Anyway, the default code is 3308 - just in case someone else hasn't got a clue where they put their manual - and I immediately went into the settings and turned off that parental controle crap. What suprises me most though is this :

Last night I played one of the Rockbitch DVDs, no problem. Today I watched Ali G's "Aii" containing slang words and references to "boning me Julie" that some conservative rightwing nutcase could probably find of questionable nature. No parental control lock or whatever pops up. I insert the good old and simply superb "The Blues Brothers" DVD, and bam : parental control kicks in. The blues must be a dangerous thing, and Aretha singing "Think", that must sound like the devil itself. Go figure!

That's my (xx)x-mas so far peeps : Ali G, The Blues Brothers and hunting down long lost manuals for parental control no one asked for. A happy 2006 to everyone!


TNX for help. Yuo are very funny and smarth.

thanks, just the info i needed right now!!!

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