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With a new month starting today, I also start a new series of nightshifts. Today I wrapped up some more things, and did some shopping for food, cleaning up in the apartment, I chatted with an interesting woman, installed a new version of Filezilla, and I'm about to install the new Skype 2.0 Beta on the laptop. I'll check for an update for Java as well, as some bugs have been reported.

While talking to a representative of Fortis, I learned that I don't have a pension fund at all. Apparently it was changed into a life insurance when I took over the contract from my previous employer. Ah well, I just gotta stay alive till 2038 then, lol.

While watching the news just now, I did my daily workout and set a nice time. Sure enough the last thing I need for what I'm planning for is speed, but increasing the intensity a bit can't be bad. Next sunday, I'm increasing the distance from 2km to 5km, and I plan on keeping that up for the month. January will then see me do 5km daily and 8km on sundays. If I'm still with it then - which I should be - I'll finalize my participation and see where things take me.

I also entertained the ferrets, fed them and cleaned out their cage and gave them a treat (a raisin) and emptied the dishwasher. I only hope I had enough sleep to last through the night. I'll be taking some Distorted Circuitry MP3's with me to work, and I wrote a CD containing Wakka Chikka - Porn Music for the Masses 1, something I download last year.

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