Sniff, snotter, sneeze

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I've got a headache, my nose is dripping and I generally feel not too good. I think I'm coming down with something, must be the sudden change in the weather. In a few minutes I'm off to work - luckily it's a "short" shift today - and then I'm off for two. I think I'll head off to bed early tonight, and spend most of tomorrow in bed as well. I'll grab the laptop and a few books though, so I can combine being ill with doing some catching up. I've got a bunch of mails and messages to reply to as well, so don't feel neglected... I'll get to them!

Depending on how much sleep and rest I get tomorrow, I'll stay in bed on friday as well. Problem is that saturday means the start of early shifts so I shouldn't sleep in too long on friday, otherwise there's no way I'll be able to get up at 4AM on saturday.

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