Return of the Evil Ads

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It takes a bit of effort to stay up to date on all the various websites and tools one has installed, that's for sure. Today I upgraded my two installations of PHPadsNew, and when I've got a few days off from work, I'll start inputting new ads.

The ads I created for their Katarine Hurricane Relief efforts expired on november 30th, so I should replace those. I'll throw in some new ads next week, probably on monday or tuesday, depending on other work that needs to be done.

I also added a LinkWorth advertiser to the textAds section, though that ad is not served by my own server. If you recall, I was looking for advertising opportunities a couple of months ago, but decided to run my own tools because all the limitations and small print was taking out too much of the fun. Why get annoyed and use a service that doesn't please you completely when one can do it all themself?

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