Nid & Sancy : Talk to the Machine

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As you probably recall, I bought this CD a couple of days ago, after seeing Nid & Sancy perform live. I've listened to it once on my HiFi, and I've got it playing right now using my headphones. Labels are pointless if you ask me, but the best way to label their music would be electro punk.

If you want to really grasp the power and vibe of Nid & Sancy, you have to see them live with an impressive sound system that just puts you in the middle of things. At home, on a regular HiFi much of the power is lost, unless you crank the volume up so hard the neighbors die of an instant heart attack. I guess with a zillion dollar surround system, you can achieve the "live" experience, but I don't own such a beast. When you put on the headphones though, you're back in business.

Kicking off with "69 Record Machine", followed by an impressive "No F*** All", things seem to slow down a little when "Be Yourself Tonight" hits off. That's just an incorrect first impression though :) The number is a bit more electro than it is punk, though they regulary cross over between genres.

"Yambalaya" and "What You Want / What You Get" should be club hits if you ask me, and "Plug and Slide" is a dirty nitty gritty track, but very enjoyable.

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