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I just got home from www.bimfest.be, a local electro/EMB/Industrial/Noise festival. As I arrived The Weathermen were playing their final songs, and the next band was Nid & Sancy (www.nidandsancy.com). I had heard of them before but never seen or listened to them. It certainly is a weird band, with punk/electro clash sounds, but I liked them quite a lot. In fact, I bought their Talk To The Machine CD, and I'll be playing it again when I wake up.

The Neon Judgement was solid as always, with quite some of their hits in the set, but nothing earthmoving. Enjoyable but nothing more. Severed Heads was doing their first European gig in 20 years, but it was way too weird for me. I couldn't find any relation between the video graphics shown and the music being played, and the music itself was... I don't know. I couldn't figure it out, lets keep it at that. I ran out for some booze and food when they were about 75% into their set and by the time I got back they were playing their final track. I can't say I felt sorry. Severed Heads was interesting to listen to for two or three tracks, but it quickly became too much.

Headliner, Suicide Commando, kicked off with a blast, their set was agressive, vibrant and top notch. Unfortunately, also a bit too much of the same, so I stuck around for about 5 tracks and left. Two thirty is a nice time to head home...

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