Humo´s end-of-year questions

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Since they haven't asked me yet, I'll just share them here...

What was the most important event, trend or evolution this past year?
Televised disasters result in empathy, but instead of doing something in their own circle of influence, people buy off their guilt.

What do you consider the best and worst radio/TV programme the past year?
Best radio : anything on 4FM, and Deckers & Ornelis on Q-Music. Best TV : Black Books. Worst radio : sports (football). Worst TV : De Planckaerts.

What is according to you the best book/play/concert/movie/CD of 2005?
I liked the BIMfest concerts, they had various artists. The best CD must be Talk To The Machine (Nid & Sancy). Best book was either Blink or The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. I don't really recall any movies, so they must have been less than impressive.

What do you whish to whom (for better or worse) in 2006?
Everyone gets what they deserve, it's the way life works... Karma, you know?

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