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Do you believe in :
Yourself: Definitely
Love: Sometimes
Your Friends: Certainly
Aliens: Not really
Fate: I haven't decided yet

Have you ever :
Made out in a public place: Yes
Had Sex in a public place: Yes
Broken a heart: Not that I know of
Had your heart broken: Definitely
Been dumped: Yes
Played Guitar: No
Done something you regret: Yes
Been on stage: Yes
Contemplated suicide: No
Made fun of someone you love: Yes
Kissed someone of the same sex: Nope
Worn too much eyeliner: No
Gone a day without eating: Don't think so

Current :
Music: None - yesterday I played some Nid & Sancy
Boy/Girlfriend: Free as a bird or Lonely as a bird, depending on how I feel
Biggest problem: Me, myself and I
Pet: Max and Bono my carpetsharks
Taste: Sour
Clothing: black shirt with Anapurna print, boxers and socks
Hairstyle: trimmed, short
Make-up: Nope

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