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Who ever thought entertainment could make one feel stressed? I for one never did, yet when I look at all the books, magazines and DVD's I need to read/watch, I feel stressed. Currently on my list are :

Magazines :
1. Last weeks Humo (finished about 50%)
2. This weeks Humo (arrived today)
3. CT Magazine (only flipped through)
4. Maxim (featuring the lovely Tanja Dexters, about 30% read)

Books (random order) :
1. On Fear (currently reading, at 30%)
2. Brass
3. On Killing - the psychological cost of learning how to kill in war and society
4. Gynomite, fearless feminist porn
5. Rescue Ferrets at Sea
6. Alternatives to economic globalization
7. Air Ferrets Aloft

DVD's (arriving soon) :
1. Kung Pow - Enter the Fist (Hilarious, thus ordered.)
2. Ali G, in da USaii (I'm still missing one of my earlier Ali G DVD's... who has it?!)
3. Battle Royale (know the movie, now ordered the DVD)

I suppose the trick is to replace "need to read/see" with "will read/see when I feel like it". That should take off the pressure, right? Oh, I took out a subscription to "Inked magazine" a couple of weeks ago, so that one should start arriving somewhere in 2006 as well. Yay!

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