Drunk Dragonslayer Downs Dirty Durkey


When someone would have made their first impression of me, based on what I had in my shopping cart today, they'd describe me like this :

A grown man with a tendency to fantasize about slaying dragons by throwing grapefruits at them, while eating snacks and drinking huge amounts of wodka.

I wouldn't blame them ;) I did have no less than 4 bottles of wodka in my cart (Absolut Vanille, Absolut Kurant, Eristoff regular and Eristoff Limskaya - and I rarely drink), there was a black dragon in my cart, and tons of snacks. There was also 3 kilo of grapefruits, sardines, mackerel, smoked salmon, lambs and soy based drinks in it. I know for a fact that the turkey roll is pretty good, but when paying the bill, it turned out to be very expensive : 70.26 euro! For that price I can buy half a turkey farm. Of course that was a little mistake that was soon enough settled when I pointed it out.

Off to feed the ferrets now, by the time I'm done Dirk will probably call and I'm off to BIMfest. Giftwrapping will have to wait till tomorrow.


Black dragon? Where did you go shopping???

It was a present for Alex' birthday : http://shop.lego.com/product.asp?p=4784 (Duplo Black Dragon)

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