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While I was skyping with Joco, I suddenly heard an audio alert in my headset. The fun thing was that Joco was able to hear it too, which really supprised me. I wonder what else people can hear while skyping?

Anyway, the computer just shat itself again, but at least now I've got an idea what the problem may be : an irregular voltage line in my PSU. It's expected to supply about 3.3V constantly, but every now and then it drops to 2.80, which is too low. I just had an alert for the past 3 minutes or so, and now it's back up to a healthy 3.26 volt - pretty bizzare if you ask me! I guess that means I'll be shopping for a new PSU tomorrow. I hope I can find one for an acceptable price, according to Joco they're rather expensive, when looking for a high performance, low noise one.

Gonna give my dad a call now, he's much more a techy than I'll ever be, and electricals is not really my forté. I'm better with software and general maintenance, mail, AV solutions, blogging (setup, maintenance, ...). Which reminds me, I just set up a basic blog for another friend of mine, who will be creating his personal place on the web - away from his professional site(s).

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thanks for your help setting up my blog... just starting to get the ball rolling :)

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