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I think it's about time to head off to bed - i've been up since 4 this morning and it's close to midnight right now. The day has been long enough and quite busy too. My computer is happy for now, and the 3.3 volt line seems to be pretty stable, for as long as it lasts. It could be a heat related problem, and I've taken off the cover for the time being. On sunday I'll get a replacement/spare PSU when I go over to Joco's place to celebrate Alex's 4th birthday. Man, is that little kid growing into a real boy soon. Time is such a weird thing : sometimes it just flies by, sometimes it crawls to a halt. Perception is the key I suppose.

Plans for tomorrow include the following :

Go to the bimfest festival (more info in an earlier post)
Play some games
Do finances and file paperwork
Clean ferret cage and entertain the fuzzbuts
More things that I can't remember right now.

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