A bad start

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So much for getting up early today... it seems as if I heard my alarmclock, looked at the time and then turned it off without realizing it. I woke up again at 09h16, so I better hurry up if I want to get things done today.

Update : things went quite well and everything was taken care of in under ten minutes, including waiting time. I stopped over at the bank to check on my accounts, and picked up some bread for dinner.

I just finished filing an official complaint concerning a spammer located in Belgium. It seems they never learn, though they should know better : it's not the first time I filed complaints against belgian spammers. Although my first case didn't go through because in the end it turned out that the spammer was foreign (and using a foreign open proxy), there is still one case (E7/DI/2005/004358 dossier 2005/005177/D.I.) under investigation, where things are looking better. Not that I may gain something from it, apart from piece and quiet in my mailbox maybe.

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You'd be a great thriller-autor.:-)

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