The Yeti has landed


Man, man... finally winter seems to have hit, and it has hit hard. Temperatures dropped - it's minus 0.5 degrees Celsius as I write this - and snow has been falling since early last night. It considerably slowed down my trip home yesterday, and this morning it was even worse. I arrived in time, though quite late at work. Some of the highways weren't cleared of snow at all, and proved a challenge to drive. Luckily even at 5 in the morning some traffic had passed before me, so I was able to just follow the tire tracks felt by others. I certainly hope things clear up later today because after finishing my shift here, I have to drive over to another site and do another shift. It's just 1 hour, but if I arrive late due to weather conditions, I'll be able to leave late as well. Which I ain't planning on.


An icon has been laid to rest. The gold Cavalier with the FriedKitten stickers, the flaming eyeball of doom antenna topper, and the memories of many a road trip, is no more.

Doomy met it's demise at the hands of a 17 year old girl who was driving too fast on the ice and lost control of her car. Doomy made a valiant effort to avoid her beast of a vehicle, but alas, was crunched in the front passenger side. The damages were minimal, but apparently Doomy's value was minimal as well. The insurance company valued Doomy's life at $2,750... but the memories are priceless...

I ask you all to pour one out for my homie...

Ash : aaawww, weep! But you're fine, I hope? That's much more important than a car, even if it is one with as much memories attached to as yours was. It took you on many travels, far far away. If you need new stickers to slap on a set of wheels, gimme a yell, ok?

Heather : I love snow too, but only if I can play in it, not if it prevents me from getting from point A to point B without risking my life.

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