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Sometimes my place looks like the office of a Top-500 fortune company that deals with international customers and shipping.

5 international orders that I placed for various x-mas gifts have already arrived, and today my long awaited ebay purchase (Blink by Malcolm Gladwell) from Canada came through as well. Unfortunately, with today's shipment a hefty creditcard bill arrived as well, so I know what I'll be working for this month.

To be expected soon :

2 books from the UK (through ebay)
1 magazine from Italy (through ebay)
1 book (x-mas related, shipped from Belgium)
1 DVD (x-mas related, shipped from Belgium)
1 CD (for myself, shipped from Belgium)

I'm not really suprised to see that having things shipped from the UK to Belgium is faster and less troublesome than purchasing items online in Belgium from a Belgian shop.

Now I have to read up on new developments and ideas about offshore wind energy :
Floating offshore wind energy and hydrogen fuel-generating company

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