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Remember the Sony/BMG rootkit install I wrote about a few days ago? A patch for it was released that removes the cloaking behaviour, but the rootkit itself remains in place. More info on Sony to offer patch for 'rootkit' DRM at The Register.

Now I wonder how many non-geeks know about this rootkit? There has been quite some buzz over it in blogland and on various techy websites, but the main population remains clueless. As predicted, some World of Warcraft cheaters have already used the (now optionally patched) cloaking of the Sony/BMG rootkit to hide their cheats from the WoW security module "the Warden". Info on Security Focus this time : World of Warcraft hackers using Sony BMG rootkit.

This just shows how a bad implementation of an even worse idea can exponentially lead to chaos. For now it's cheating at games, but if you ask me, it'll be only days, if not hours before new virus/trojan/adware/spyware variants will be seeded to the internet prefixing their files with "$sys$". While the amount of machines currently "infected" with the rootkit is anyones guess, the virus authors have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If the targetted machine has the rootkit installed, the malicious code - be it virus, trojan, worm, ad or spyware - will be even harder to detect (and thus remove). If the rootkit is not present, nothing changes for the virus author.

With the increased Bagle activity over the past days, as well as the SDBot virus spreading through IM, specifically targetting AIM - and we all know AOL users usually ain't the brightest star in the sky - the future looks rather depressing if you ask me.

However, things like this brighten my day : A first solar system prototype measuring 23 feet in diameter and 16 inches high, produces an astonishing 6.5 KW of electricity. Check out the manufacturers website (Pyron Solar) for more details, tech specs and video.

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