This is entry 2390 - not that it it terrible important, or even slightly important, but I felt like mentioning it. I just joined some sort of online dating site (number 2, actually) and this is what 10 minutes of filling out tests, questions, psychic profiling and stuff like that resulted in :

0 women selected out of 3459 active members.

From their FAQ : It's possible that we won't propose any candidate to you (we estimate this will be the case for about 8% of our members), maybe 10, but a maximum of 20.

My take on things? Yay, I'm part of a small group of people that are impossible to match! It's a very mixed feeling though, I tell you. They suggested changing my preferences, but I've got two problems with that. I can't change who I am, and I don't want to change who I am. Am I really that demanding and difficult? I probably am, it's not the first time I've been told something like that...


that or the women on that site are too demanding ;-)

Yes, that must be it, grin.

Honestly, I didn't think of that option yet, and somehow I don't buy it either. But thanks for trying to cheer me up :p

Don't conclude from these results too much. Who knows how many girls changed their preferences to match the regular demand...

you know my opinion on that ;)

I do, but you know very well I can't change who I am, can I?

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