Firefox 1.5, a tale of extensions and themes

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Firefox 1.5 was released yesterday, which certainly explains why I had a hard time connecting to some Mozilla pages earlier on. I just installed the latest stable release and then ran into the expected incompatible themes and extensions.

Here's what I had installed earlier, and whether or not I was able to get it to work with 1.5 :

Themes :
Qute - success - installed beta version 3.01 from the homepage
FireFox Modern - unsuccessful, 1.1.3 is not (yet?) compatible with FF1.5
PimpZilla - successfull, installed the 2.9.9 beta release

Extensions :
ForecastFox - compatible with 1.5 but connection errors (fixed)
SwitchProxyTool - beta version for FF1.5 available - installed through
HTTPLiveHeaders - successfully updated to 0.11
Tabbrowser Preferences - version works with FF1.5, 1.3.0 expected
Google PageRank Status - success - updated to 0.9.6
User Agent Switcher - disabled after install of FF1.5, extension reinstall fixed it
Download Manager Tweak - installed 0.7.1 (homepage currently hard to reach)

Overall success rate by moving from firefox 1.07 to firefox 1.5 one two day(s) after official release when it comes to extensions and themes : 66.6% 90%

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