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I just attempted to contact someone responsable for my pensionfund and life insurance. I believe I just talked to 5 different people, was transferred from Brussels to Antwerp and back, to finally be given a number in Brussels that was connected to an answering machine, where I had to leave my details. Now I have to wait for them to call me back which they would do asap, so it remains to be seen how long that'll take.

Sure, I must say that everyone I talked to was very nice and professional, and they even gave me yet another contract number connected to my case. It's good I didn't expect things to be easy, as this is a contract initiated by my old employer - the one that went bankrupt - after which I requested to transfer the contract to me, so that now puts my in a situation of having a groupcontract for a one man group : me. Or something like that. Anyway, apparently I'm now dealing with the "reduced contracts and advances" department, unless they never call back or transfer me to yet other branch.

All of that because I want to know whether or not I can deposit more money into the fund - and if I can, how it should be done - in order to maximize my tax return for 2006. I'd guess they'd be happy to see their customers willing to pay more money, so why is it made so difficult? I suppose they make enough profit as it is?

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