Douce Victime by Laïs

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I borrowed this album from a colleague at work - thanks Sven - and while being much different than previous Laïs albums it's has some enjoyable songs. The most impressive track is their adaptation of "Opzij" by Herman Van Veen though :superb uptempo vocal work by the three Laïs girls, I tell you.

Another noteworthy track is "Marie Madeleine", the rest of the songs is just too different from their previous work that I don't come to like them right away. Make after having listened to it a couple of times I'll change my mind, but only the future will tell.

A big fuck you goes to EMI for putting out yet another "Copy Controlled CD". Copy Controlled my ass : CDS200.5.11.90 is not that hard to circumvent if you are a bit up to date and have the correct tools. If I purchase a CD, I want tot be able to do with it what I please : make a copy of it to listen to at work, in the car or elsewhere while the original sits at home safely. Stop forcing your customers to abide by your simplistic rules and regulations. Take a good look at Sony/BMG and see how well they do nowadays.

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