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Not much to write here these days. Played some Hattrick over the weekend and won - again, might I say - and spent some time playing travian as well. Watched lots of DVD's and generally did things I felt like doing. Tonight work calls again, but when these nightshifts are over, it's weekend again and I'll be going to a play called "Varkens Met Stress" in Mechelen. Looking forward to it.

Gotta check up on some things now, then shop for food and head back off to bed for a few more hours of sleep as I woke up way too early today. Laters!

update : I didn't go shopping, nor did I sleep for a couple of hours. Instead I'll be ordering food to go and just make it a long night. I just finished cleaning the ferrets cage and am off to work in about 30 minutes. I showered and shaved earlier on, so the only thing left now is hit publish for this post to appear and jump in my clothes. More nonsense tomorrow.


I'm sitting in computer class browsing the web while the teacher explains how to minimize, maximize, and close a window. I can't believe I have to take this class...

I miss you ServMeBean!!!

Lol, minimize, maximize? You're way beyond those beginner things, Ash. How come they make you take that course? You could be teaching it!

Well, I TRIED to test out of the class, but the test was RIDICULOUSLY difficult for a beginner level computer course. Out of 20 questions on the test, I got 14 correct. I needed 15 correct to get out of the class. One of the questions had you identifying the pre-selected shapes on Microsoft Paint. Why on Earth would I memorize that information when I can look it up in a few clicks??? I think it's just a money making course for the college.

The sucky thing is that I have to take this class to fulfill all the prerequisites for the nursing program.

Right, memorizing Paint objects is a critical tool in order to become a qualified nurse. Some things are just too abstract to be taken serious!

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