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I'm up and out of bed already because some idiots are coming over to check the central heating. Each year they come around and take note on how much I've burned according to their meters. The meters however consist of nothing but a small tube filled with a colored liquid. What irritates me more and more each year is that the little tube for instance will indicate a usage of 3.5 (whatever that may mean) while the radiator hasn't been on at all.

Liquids vaporize over time, you know? Aaarrrghhh.

I'm not feeling too well - still tired - and a busy two weeks are coming up. Up till the end of the month I'm home exactly two more days No two day weekends for me... I think it'll be equally busy in November as another shut-down commences on the 4th I believe and lasts till the 29th or so. Then, before you know it, December rolls around and everyone throws parties and drinks themselves into the new year.

Time vaporizes too it seems!

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